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Take Back the Week: April 10-15, 2017

For accomodation requests for events that take place during "Take Back the WeeK", please contact the Women's Resource Center:  

Monday, April 10

10 am - 2 pm Let’s Talk: Consent Tabling (North Library Walkway)
Student organizations, FratMANers and SISSTER, will be tabling to educate the community on affirmative consent through conversation, activities, and informative materials.

12 - 2 pm Homeboi Workshop: Redefining Masculinity (Center for Intercultural Relations)
This event addresses the ways in which toxic masculinity perpetuates violence and as masculine people we are taking on the responsibility to transform ourselves. We will strategize ways to transform our masculinities to be tools of liberation that are rooted in integrity, community and empowerment of others. This conversation seeks to engage people that are masculine. This includes but is not limited to cisgender and transgender men, two-spirit people, womyn, gender queer and gender non-conforming folks.

7 - 9 pm Grab ‘Em by the What? Sex, Consent, & American Values Talk  with Dr. Jenn (Storm Hall West 011)
Sexual interactions in the United States are rife with misunderstandings and miscommunication around consent. This interactive lecture is based around a personal story of a sexual consent violation Dr. Jenn experienced recently. She discusses how and why sexual coercion is built into the fabric of so many sexual interactions, and how even folks who think they understand consent, often have only a superficial knowledge. She guides the audience through the experience of critical thinking, mindfulness, and compassion, and how cultivating these can help us all find our voice, respect for others, and develop new campus social norms. Dr. Jenn speaks to and with college students so they can create a new, healthy narrative around sexual consent, and support each other in this process. 

Tuesday, April 11

11 am - 12 pm Sexual Assault and Mental Health: Stories of Surviving and Thriving with PTSD (Pride Suite)
Schools all over the country are ramping up their conversations about sexual assault on college campuses, and its impact on students’ lives. Join us for a conversation about activating and empowering students to change the conversation about sexual assault, and support the mental health of those who have been affected by it. This interactive talk will explore the power of storytelling in service to healing. Becky Fein is the California Statewide Program Manager for Active Minds, Inc. a national nonprofit empowering students to change the conversation around mental health. Becky is also the Founding Director of the Powerful Voices Project, a documentary film series that tells stories of mental and physical health recovery after experiencing sexual trauma. Becky holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology from UC Davis, and a Master's in Public Health from Columbia University. She's been working in sexual assault prevention, and mental health promotion for almost ten years

12:30 - 2 pm Connecting with Ancestral Strength to Heal From Violence with Berenice Dimas Workshop(Templo Mayor)
Berenice joins us to humbly talk about her journey healing from personal and generational sexual violence. She will discus how connecting with her ancestors through ritual, prayer, and ceremony has been one of the most useful practices in this process. Along with her discussion, she will bring in her own connection with plant medicine and guide us in making remedios and potions related to sexual healing.  
4 - 5 pm Barriers to Reporting in the LGBT+ Community Presentation and Discussion (Center for Intercultural Relations)
Hosted by the Pride Center, this panel discussion will featuring panelists who will discuss barriers to reporting in the LGBT+ community

5:30 - 7:30pm #NotSilentBecause: A Discussion about Sexual Assault at SDSU (Lee & Frank Goldberg Courtyard)
This student run events features a walking tour that accompanies a thoughtful discussion about issues related to sexual violence.

Wednesday, April 12

12 - 2 pm Sexual Violence, Mass Incarceration and the Black Community Presentation with Preshus Thompson from Center for Community Solutions (Templo Mayor)
African Americans are three times more likely to be victims of violent crime in San Diego County, yet they are among the least likely to report violence and receive services. This presentation will draw special attention to unique barriers that survivors of relationship and sexual violence in the black community may encounter, with a specific focus on the criminal justice system, racial profiling and police brutality. Intersectional topics are addressed through a social historical lens, leaving the audience with a deeper understanding of these issues.

4 - 5:30 pm Black Women’s Healing Circle with Aishah Shahidah Simmons (Templo Mayor)

Black Women's Healing Circle is a monthly gathering for black women to talk about their issues both on a micro and macro level. BWHC is a safe space that promotes healing and healthy venting through monthly topics, and open discussions . Come out and have fun, build, develop, grow, explore identities, promote unity, and positivity with other Black Women. On April 12, the BWHC will be facilitated by Aishah Shahidah Simmons and will focus on sexual violence

6 - 8:30pm No! The Rape Documentary Screening and Discussion with Aishah Shahidah Simmons(Conrad Prebys Student Union Theater)
NO! The Rape Documentary is the 2006-released  Ford-Foundation funded award-winning, internationally acclaimed, groundbreaking feature length film that explores the international atrocity of heterosexual rape and other forms of sexual assault through the first person testimonies, scholarship, spirituality, activism, and cultural work of Black people in the United States. NO! also explores how rape is used as a weapon of homophobia. Director Aishah Shahidah Simmons is an award-winning Black feminist lesbian documentary filmmaker, activist, cultural worker, writer and international lecturer. Her essays and articles have been published in several anthologies including the recently released Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Violence Movement anthology edited by Jennifer Patterson and Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence anthology edited by Lisa Factora-Borchers.

Thursday, April, 13

12 - 1 pm Survivor’s Group, facilitated by C&PS (Women’s Resource Center)
In partnership with Counseling & Psychological Services, the Women's Resource Center offers an ongoing support group for survivors of sexual and dating violence who are currently enrolled at San Diego State University.

4 - 6 pm Sexual Assault in the Current Political Climate Panel (Fowler Athletic Center)
Hosted by the Department of Women’s Studies and Athletics, this panel discussion will highlight some of the challenges facing sexual violence prevention and response in this current political moment

6 - 8:30 pm Take Back the Night (Lee & Frank Goldberg Courtyard)
Each year, the Andrea O’Donnell Womyn’s Outreach Association hosts this annual event to protest sexual violence, provide awareness, and reclaim our space in the community. WOA marches to bring awareness and take a stand against gender-based violence. We protest to end sexual violence on our campus!
Friday, April 14

10 am - 3 pm Let’s Talk: Victim/Survivor Resources Tabling (Campanile Walkway)
This tabling event will include resources on and near to campus that follow the empowerment model approach to aid in sexual assault prevention, provide victim/survivor support, and educate those wanting to learn more. There will be information provided about what each service provides to victims/survivors of sexual violence.

10:30 am - 12 pm Trauma-Informed Yoga (Legacy Suite)
Led by A.Ch.A. (Association of Chicana Activists), a certified yoga instructor will lead participants through a yoga session geared towards students who have experienced trauma. Mats will be provided! Beginners are welcome.

3:00 - 4:30 pm Doing You... and Doing It and Doing It and Doing It Well Mia Li (Women’s Resource Center)
Ever been curious about your body, sexuality, and desires but found that shame and societal pressure gets in the way? Mia Li’s Doing You workshop is the beginner’s guide to unpacking shame to pursue self exploration. Today there are so many external distractions that prevent us from investing time in our intimate relationships with ourselves--work, friends, family, partners, and endless responsibilities. This workshop is dedicated time to fostering a healthy relationship with our bodies and sexualities. How do we relate to our bodies and self pleasure? How do we assess and balance risk when share our sexual selves with others? There is so much pleasure, kink, and nuance to experience, but the journey begins with you.

Saturday, April 15

9:00-5:00pm: Brave Project Training (Scripps Cottage)
The Brave Project aims to courageously create a violence-free campus at SDSU. This comprehensive certificate program provides students, faculty, and staff with intensive and comprehensive training on sexual violence.

Brave Project Training Modules include:
●    Information relating to Title IX, CSU policies related to sexual misconduct, and pursing an investigation by the University (Deputy Title IX Coordinator) 
●    Criminal investigation of sexual assault cases, relevant penal codes, and using the criminal justice system to press charges (San Diego State University Sexual Assault Detective)
●    Discussion of the impact of identity on experiences with violence and explore how race, gender, sexual orientation, and other salient identities are related to sexual assault (Women's Resource Center)
●    Practice using a "Trauma Informed Lens" to support survivors (Counseling and Psychological Services)
●    Strategies for implementing affirmative consent and intervening to prevent sexual violence from taking place (Health Promotion)
●    Creating social change and envisioning a world (and campus!) free from sexual violence (Women's Resource Center, Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, Student Organizations)


*Note: New events will continue to be added throughout the school year.

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