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The late Pete Filanc, former CEO of Escondido-based J.R. Filanc Construction, knew the county's demand for residential and industrial building would escalate, and as a result, so would the need for trained construction managers. After many positive experiences working with SDSU's hands-on engineering grads, Pete came to the university for assistance. Thus began SDSU's transformational partnership with the Filanc family.

Pete dreamed of developing local talent, equipped with a unique combination of engineering education and business management orientation. To realize his dream, Pete spearheaded a fundraising campaign while president of the San Diego Chapter of Associated General Contractors (AGC), securing more than $1 million to launch such a program at SDSU. It would be the first of its kind in the state.

Pete's passion and leadership proved so compelling that in December 2005, his father, Jack, and mother, Jane, donated $3 million to the program. In recognition of their family's relationship with SDSU, it now bears the Filanc name.

Both Pete and his mother, Jane, passed away this year. Now, although Pete and Jane are gone, their family's legacy endures, as will the key role they played in establishing and strengthening SDSU's CEM program.

Ken Walsh, Ph.D., the AGC-Paul S. Roel Chair in Construction Engineering and Management, will long remember the pivotal role Pete played in rallying support from local industry.

"Pete was our program's greatest champion. He was talented, sincere and well respected, which made him an unrelenting force in raising private support for our program," Ken said. "In honor of Pete's and Jane's memory, we'll make sure the J.R. Filanc Construction Engineering & Management Program is known as one of the richest collaborations between the business and technical sides of the construction industry."

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