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San Diego State University

Student Affairs

About Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs exists to help students succeed.

This is our #1 goal.

photo: students and staff at the Ask Me tents
During the first few days of each semester, Student Affairs hosts “Ask Me!” tents in high-traffic areas to provide students with directions, information, and a friendly face.

We work collaboratively across the university to engage students and provide programs to fit a variety of individual needs and strengths.

  • From internships to initiatives aimed at helping underrepresented groups or exceptional students, Student Affairs strives to help all students succeed.
  • The division measures and evaluates our programs and services, deriving empirical data to reveal what does, and what doesn’t work with various student populations. We use these measures to continue aiming toward and building an ever-improving university experience.

Despite current budget difficulties, the Division of Student Affairs strives to sustain the quality programs and services that we know help students succeed. The university and the division will continue to seek creative ways to maintain these vital services now and in the future.

  • Students in classroom
    Student Affairs supports the growth and academic success of all students to help them meet their highest educational aspirations.
  • Cultural dance exhibition at SDSU
    Student Affairs believes in promoting a campus climate that values, accepts, and learns from our rich diversity and fosters mutual respect.
  • SDSU student leaders
    Student Affairs strives to develop leaders and expand opportunities for student involvement in campus, local, regional and international experiences.
  • photo: SDSU career fair
    Student Affairs fosters a campus culture that encourages each student to articulate his or her own goals for a successful future.
  • In a class for future nurses
    Student Affairs Division promotes the individual development and welfare of all students so that each student can thrive. Services include health and dental care, counseling, wellness programs, and much more.
  • SDSU student graduates
    Student Affairs fosters an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect, encourages independent civic responsibility and core academic values, and promotes the individual development and welfare of all students.
  • SDSU student group
    Student Affairs oversees the Residential Education Office and provides a variety of services to commuter students. We strive to enhance the living and learning environment for all students, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Welcome banner at SDSU
    Welcome to SDSU! Your education and well-being are the top priorities for Student Affairs.

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Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs is a student-centered partner in the SDSU learning community. Education is enhanced, both inside and outside of the classroom, through quality support services and programs that advance student learning and development. The Division contributes to academic and personal success, encourages independent civic responsibility, and promotes the welfare of all students. Student Affairs helps connect students to the university and to their future, building alliances that foster retention and loyalty beyond graduation.

Vision Statement

The Division of Student Affairs plays a vital role in the personal growth, wellness, intellectual development, academic achievement and career success of each individual student by:

  • Fostering a campus culture that encourages each student to articulate his or her own goals for success
  • Enhancing the learning environment and expanding learning opportunities for all students inside and outside the classroom
  • Promoting a campus climate that values, accepts and learns from our rich diversity
  • Developing leaders who believe in and lead others toward supporting civility, mutual respect and diversity in our society and workplaces
  • Expanding the opportunities for students to participate in local, regional and international experiences
  • Building and expanding the human, technological and physical resources that support growth and development