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San Diego State University

Annual Report


Highlights from the 2010-2011 Annual Report,
Division of Student Affairs, San Diego State University

The 21st century requires students to become international citizens with the ability to work with diverse people from all over the globe. SDSU is recognized for its international focus. The Division’s programs and services help provide international experiences for our students, acclimate and educate students from other nations, and educate students on cultural differences and competencies.

The international student population continues to grow at SDSU. Last year, 1,850 international students studied on campus. The International Student Center (ISC) developed and implemented a strategic international student recruitment plan to attract highly qualified students from diverse countries to SDSU. The ISC provides International  Student Advisors; an ISC Tutor/Mentor program; an Intercultural Ambassadors Program; International Education Week; and its annual International Peace Village. These elements work together to help international students acclimate to SDSU and the U.S.

A revamped International House living community was named “Global Pathways.” It is a living/learning international community in collaboration with the International Student Center and the Residential Education Office.

To accommodate students who speak English as a second language, all Student Health Services’ exam rooms have access to interpreter services, via speakerphones.

In fall of 2010, the International Student Center created and implemented the Sponsored Student Program unit as part of its expanded and strategic international student recruitment efforts. The creation of this program and dedicated staff support will enable the university to recruit highly qualified corporate-, educational- and government-sponsored students to SDSU. The goal is to enroll a steadily increasing group of sponsored students to SDSU each semester. This program has the potential of enrolling about 500 sponsored students from diverse countries in a variety of  majors.

The ISC also created Global Aztecs which is composed of education abroad returnees who promote SDSU education abroad programs to fellow students. Student volunteers receive training from professional education abroad advisors and work closely with education abroad peer advisors.  

Both Counseling & Psychological Services (C&PS) and Student Health Services (SHS) partnered with SDSU’s American Language Institute  (ALI) so that international students in the ALI program may now receive counseling and health care services. ALI students serve as a powerful pipeline to the university for future international students.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships worked with IT consultants in the International Student Center to develop a web-based Study Abroad Risk Management System. The system quickly identifies students studying abroad who are  affected by disasters, and gives the university the ability to quickly locate and contact students following a disaster. They are able to determine each student’s individual status and to maintain communication in the critical days that follow a disaster.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships provided over $2.2 million in financial assistance for study abroad. Of that, $510,000 was in the form of study-abroad scholarships.

Safer Education Abroad

photo: students pose in front of the Pantheon in Rome

Student Health Services provides a Travel Medicine Clinic to current SDSU students who are prospective education abroad students for safer travel abroad.