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Summer Fitness 101

photo: students playing basketball in pool

Summer and fitness go together like sun and sand, but it can be difficult to get started and stay engaged when the end of the academic year throws your normal routine off kilter. Here are some summer time strategies that will refresh your fitness routine, complete with expert tips from Amy Schiller, Aztec Recreation’s marketing coordinator.

Let’s get it started

Fitness isn’t only good for the body; it’s also great for the mind. While you may think starting an exercise routine now will interfere with finals prep, it may actually be a great way to ward of stress and fight fatigue. When the spring semester ends, the Aztec Recreation Center helps you maintain momentum over the summer by keeping the doors open every day, including July 4. The ARC Express, located in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union, will also stay open during the summer.  

Expert Tip: “Even though the ARC is a really welcoming and comfortable environment, it can be hard to take that first step into a new routine or new gym. Get acclimated by taking advantage of the free one-hour fitness orientation offered to new members.”

Find something you enjoy

For some students, getting started is the easy part. Sustaining progress and keeping up a regular routine? Now that’s a challenge. A humdrum workout can sabotage your long-term goals by making exercise more of a short-term reality. The trick to overcoming this obstacle is to find something you actually enjoy doing. Between a climbing wall, a swimming pool, team sports, and a packed schedule of group fitness classes (30 classes each week), summer is a great time to explore your options on campus and find an activity that resonates with you.

Expert Tip: “There’s a wonderful social environment at the ARC. There’s not just a climbing wall, there is a climbing community. The regulars in yoga classes all get to know each other. That community offers a built-in support system of accountability and motivation, which is critical when it comes to sticking to a regimen.”

Think outside the treadmill

It’s no surprise that a quick Google search of the term “exercise” yields countless images of people strenuously weight lifting, running and doing sit ups and push ups. When we think about exercise, these are the activities that often come to mind. But there are a lot of ways to “sneak” in a workout, especially during the summer. Mixing traditional workouts with dancing, running your dog or helping a friend move into a new apartment can amplify your summer fitness results.

Expert Tip: “The idea is that once you put yourself in the right environment, you get the exercise your body needs without thinking it’s exercising. You may go to the beach or to the Aquaplex to hang out, and you end up playing volleyball. Also, Aztec Lanes will be open daily this summer. If you don't believe bowling is a sport, try it out for an hour.”

More than a tan

You can’t talk about summer fitness without mentioning the Aztec Aquaplex. It is, after all, an Olympic size pool complete with swim lessons, open diving hours, water basketball and an open float lounge. The pool is a shared facility for water sports clubs and SDSU athletic teams, but when summer rolls around, there’s more space and time for individual students.

Expert Tip: “Both pools are equally crystal clear, but the difference is in the water temperature. The rec pool is kept between 83 to 84 degrees, which is warm and comfortable for casual swimmers. More established swimmers will appreciate the cooler 79 degree average in the competition pool.”

Be a team player

Registration begins May 28 for summer intramural sports, including indoor soccer, softball, bowling and basketball. Starting July 7, the leagues will begin a five-week stretch, with one game each week. With seven different categories of leagues including advanced, intermediate, and co-rec, students of all experience levels are welcome to participate. Intramural sports are a free benefit to ARC members, whether you register a team or sign up as an individual free agent. Non-members can play, too, by purchasing a day pass.

Expert Tip: “Hours for tennis expand in the summer and it's really fantastic to play out there on a summer evening and take dip in the pool afterwards! We have equipment, so the only think you need is a pair of non-marking tennis shoes.”