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San Diego State University

Well-being & Health Promotion - grow, thrive, flourish

Get Involved!

There are many ways you can make healthy choices to get involved at SDSU. Here are a few of the ways you can get involved with Well-being & Health Promotion.

Become a Peer Health Educator (PHE)

SDSU Peer Health Educators (PHEs) actively promote health and wellness on campus. PHEs gain training and education about health issues relevant to the SDSU population and effective methods to communicate health information to their peers.

Apply for PHE here!


Become a Financial Education Peer

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The mission of the Financial Education Peer Program is to empower students to achieve financial independence. The purpose of the Financial Education Peer Program is to educate college students on financial topics in order to give them the tools to have healthy financial habits.

Apply for Financial Education Peer Program here!





SISSTER(Sororities Invested in Survivor Support, Training, and Ending Rape culture)is a Peer Health Education program that is offered for 2 units. This course aims to train sorority women to be successful leaders in sexual violence awareness, prevention, intervention, and survivor support. The women who are trained in this program do sexual violence prevention and education work on campus in formal and informal settings.

Apply for SISSTER here!



Join FratMANers

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FratMANers is a Peer Health Education program specifically for SDSU fraternity men. Its goal is to increase awareness about rape, potential rape situations and sexually coercive behavior while decreasing the acceptance of rape myths.FratMANers members are advocates on campus, educating their brothers and peers about violence against women and how they can be a part of the solution.

Apply for FratMANers here!



Well-being & Health Promotion offers a variety of internships for SDSU Students. We have positions for undergraduate and graduate level students interested in promoting health and well-being.

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Other opportunities for involvement


    Associated Students
    A.S. offers a wide range of boards, committees, or commissions for current SDSU student involvement. Find out how you can get involved!


    Student Life & Leadership
    Student Life & Leadership promotes student engagement, development, and success. Explore the many opportunties for involvement through Student Life & Leadership!


    Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)
    Are you interested in getting involved with Student Health Services and Well-being & Health Promotion? Join the Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)! The charge of SDSU SHAC is to provide on-going advice to the office of the Vice-President for Student Affairs, as the President’s designee. SHAC will also provide advice to the directors of Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, and Well-being & Health Promotion. The advice will contribute to the health, well-being, and academic success of SDSU students.Email us to learn more.

Campus Wellness Calendar

It's easy to get involved in a variety of annual events promoting health and wellness on campus. Just visit the Healthy SDSU Year-Round Calendar!

Smoke Free SDSU

As a member of the campus community, you play a vital role in supporting the Smoke Free SDSU policy. You can help to educate others — and exemplify social responsibility. Find out how!


Smoke Free SDSU, San Diego State University