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San Diego State University

Office of the Ombudsman

Volunteer Ombudsman

The Volunteer Ombudsman Program began in 1983. A Volunteer Ombudsman is a retired faculty/staff who has earned an emeritus status and possess an in-depth respect of their colleagues.  A Volunteer Ombudsmen assist students, faculty and staff with the necessary and sensitive business of attempting to resolve student complaints.  The program has been so successful that this model received national discussion and has been under review by several Canadian Universities.

Emeritus professors are no longer employed by SDSU and will bring to the job the responsibility and respect that earned them the emeritus honor. The Office of the Student Ombudsman certainly benefits from the wisdom, experience, and progressive outlook of its Volunteer Ombudsman.

Volunteers assist the Office of the Student Ombudsman on an "on-call" basis and are only on campus by appointment.