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women's resource center

women's resource center

photo: 2 female students with wrc logo

WRC Staff

photo of Jessica Nare

Jessica is a proud SDSU alumna and has been a lecturer in the Department of Women's Studies since 2010. Previously, she worked at Jewish Family Service as the Director of Leadership Programs. Jessica is inspired each day by the spirit and passion of the students who spend time in the WRC. In addition to social justice, Jessica is deeply passionate about high-brow fiction, B-horror films, and Halloween. 
photo of Elzbeth Islas

A Chicana hamster-lover, Elzbeth graduated from UC San Diego with a B.A. in Ethnic Studies. Her feminist inspirations include Audre Lorde, Alicia Garza, Gloria Anzaldúa and the collective Latina Rebels. Elzbeth is honored to work at the WRC to foster activism that is intersectional, accessible and community-centered. She aspires to bring mental health and mental illness awareness through programming and mentorship.

photo of Lori Loftin
Lori is a first year graduate student in Women’s Studies originally from Tampa, Florida. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maine in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Mathematics. She also worked at the WRC at UMaine, and is excited to bring what she learned from that experience with her to the WRC at SDSU. In her free time, Lori enjoys learning about astrology, cooking, and watching vampire movies.
photo of Bianca Herrera
Bianca is a 4th year sociology major from the Bay Area, CA. Her interests include QTPOC liberation, sexual violence prevention and economic justice. She constantly strives to decolonize her activist framework and make space for new ways of being and knowing. Outside of academia, Bianca enjoys slam poetry, forest hikes, and falling in love with every dog she meets. 
photo of Marlene Martinez
Marlene is a forth year social work major from Inglewood, CA. Marlene enjoys spending time at the beach and discovering new places to eat. She is passionate about protecing communities from the affects of gentrifcation. She's interested in pursing a career in education or policy. She aims to create safe, intentional intersectional spaces for underrepresetned groups in SDSU. 
photo of Cassandra Hernandez
Cassy is a second year Interdisciplinary Studies major: Women’s Studies, Chicanx Studies, and Sociology, and minoring in Cultural Proficiency. Cassy enjoys connecting with multicultural organizations in effort to build community and solidarity. Cassy aims to help cultivate an environment where people feel comfortable exploring themselves. Her inspirations include; Assata Shakur, Berta Caceres, and all Femmes who resist oppression internationally. Cassy appreciates skateboarding, reading.
photo of Jadielis Muñoz Nieves
Jadielis is a fourth year undergraduate Women’s Studies major and Counseling and Social Change minor. She was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and grew up in San Diego. Her current passions include building dialogue and activism over intercommunity issues and growing with her queer community. Jadielis is excited to work alongside amazing feminists in creating a space for friendships and growth!
photo of Sahra Artan
Sahra Artan is a third-year psychology major with an interdisciplinary honors minor. She identifies as an immigrant Muslim Somali woman of color. Originally from Nairobi, Kenya, her experiences as a first-generation college student has shaped her interest in intersectional identity, creating spaces for dialogue, and social justice. She is passionate about redefining cultural forms of oral storytelling into poetry to better reflect her lived experiences as a Somali diaspora youth. 
photo of Doreen hemmati
Doreen Hemmati is a second year Marketing major from the Bay Area. She is involved in the Weber Honors College, Womyn’s Outreach Association, and Alpha Kappa Psi. Doreen has a passion for social justice, intersectionality within feminism and people of color. Doreen’s family is from Iran and she loves to share her Persian culture and Bay Area culture as well. One day, Doreen wants to be able to create a nonprofit organization that funds after school mentor programs for at risk youth.
photo of  Andrea Lopez-Rivera
Andrea is a second-year ISCOR major & Webers Honors College minor from Puerto Rico. She is Vice President of Model UN and works as a RA for Tenochca Resident Hall. Andrea is passionate about social justice issues, specifically relating to the colonial status of Puerto Rico and the injustices suffered by American citizens. Andrea hopes to create a campus environment that celebrates the diversity of thoughts within its student body and promotes authentic critical thought.

WRC Fellows

photo of Mara Schumann

Mara Schumann is a 2nd year psychology major with a minor in the Weber Honors College. She is from Brisbane, CA. As a feminist, women’s rights, support, and education are very important to Mara. She would like to center her career and life around helping teens and women transition smoothly through life’s hiccups, making sure that there are always resources available for women

photo of Marisol Flemate
Marisol Flemate is from Pico Rivera. She is a senior majoring in Chicano/a studies. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, and at the beach. Her inspirations are her mom, Malintzin and Profesora Del Castillo. In the future she hopes to become an educator, a counselor, and later on a therapist. She hopes to help those suffering from PTSD. She is excited to encounter new opportunities and learn more about what she can do for the whole community.
photo of Brittany Teague
Brittany Teague is a senior majoring in Women’s Studies and minor is Counseling. She decided to major in Women’s Studies, because she feels it’s important for women to have equality. Understanding the subordinations for women of color is really important to her. Brittany is interested in attending law school to further her education and then, becoming a lawyer afterwards.
photo of Ellyn Brouillette
Ellyn Brouillette is a 2nd year San Diego local majoring in environmental engineering and minoring in women’s studies. She works hard to empower the girls and women I meet and we break down the stereotype that boys are smarter in STEM fields. In my free time I DIY and try to spend as much time as I can outside. I love every animal I meet I coach a competitive swim team in the summer, and I love watching my sister play soccer. 

photo of Stefanie Forsberg
Stefanie Forsberg is an international student from Sweden majoring in Business Management. In Sweden she worked as a youth coach at a Youth Center for adolescents. She started a girls group with a coworker at the Youth Center called Wonder Women Sorority Club, to get young girls more active in their community. She has always been passionate about female issues and female empowerment.
photo of Alicea Libbey
Alicea Libbey was born and raised in the Bay Area. She is fourth year psychology student with a leadership minor. She aspires to help those who suffer from mental disorders. She loves the beach, singing, flowers, In-N-Out, all things Disney, concerts and sunsets. She is definitely a foodie and love adventuring to new places. She keeps an open mind and open heart always. She is stoked for her semester with the WRC!
photo of Katherine Patterson
Katie is an interdisciplinary major focusing in education, political science and public administration and hope to one day improve girls' access to education in places around the world or to make some sort of difference in the education world. She likes bread, acai bowls, nature and adventures. She is thrilled to explore what exactly it means to me to be a feminist and she hopes to help empower others to discover what it means to them as well. Power to the people! 
photo of Isabella Julio
Bella is a Pacific Islander American Womxn. She is a Womxn’s Studies major and a Counseling & Social Change minor. Her ultimate goal is to work in law and create a platform for those who haven’t had the opportunity to speak up and serve justice. She thinks it is important to teach self care and mental health to get rid of the negative connotations society places on mental health. 
photo of Melinda Martinez
Melinda Martinez is a transfer from Grossmont College. Born and raised in San Diego she is an only child and first generation college student. She is majoring in Health Communications and would like to work in healthcare concentrating on health promotion. Melinda is interested in public health campaigns designed towards prevention of diseases. Melinda is passionate about women empowerment and social justice.

For more information contact:
Women's Resource Center
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If you are interested in more information about the WRC or want to be added to our email list, please be in touch with Jessica Nare, WRC Coordinator, or stop by our new location!