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University Update

University Update

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TO: All Faculty and Staff
FROM: President Weber

July 01, 2008

Budget Message #5

I have received and approved the recommendation for SDSU’s general operating budget for fiscal year 2008/09 from the President’s Budget Advisory Committee. The committee has once again done a good job of working through many issues and presenting a budget that is challenging but workable. I know you will join me in thanking them for their difficult but important effort.

The SDSU General Operating budget for 2008/09 includes a $12.3 million dollar permanent reduction from the previous year and includes a 10% increase in the State University Fee charged to students. Because of the fee increase, the reduction amount is about $6 million less than what was projected based on the Governor’s January budget proposal.

The budget reduction affects all areas of the university’s general operating funds on a pro-rata basis. The Provost and each vice president have responsibility for determining how best to meet their budget reduction target. I have discussed plans and approaches with each of them. The reductions in each area will be met by a combination of not filling vacant positions and reductions in supplies and services (e.g., reduced travel) or operating reserves. In order to minimize any negative impact on enrolled students at SDSU, we have reduced our 2008/09 enrollment to a level more appropriate to the resources available. Our enrollment will be about 1,515 full time equivalent students below SDSU’s FY 2007-08 enrollment.

While I have approved an initial operating budget for SDSU, the State budget process is far from complete. The Governor’s May revision actually proposed restoring $97.3 million to the CSU budget. However, that proposal is dependent on a number of factors and must be approved by both the Senate and the Assembly. The Legislature, by all indications, is far from reaching agreement on a budget for 2008/09. We will carefully monitor the State budget process for possible impacts on our initial budget and will keep all of you apprised of any developments.

I hope you will remain informed about the progress of the State’s budget and will participate in the CSU Budget Alliance. Information about the Alliance is available at Vice President Roush will provide additional information as it becomes available.