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TO: All SDSU Employees
FROM: Sally Roush, Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs

July 10, 2009

Budget Update #18 

Little progress has been made at the state level to resolve the budget crisis that has serious consequences for SDSU’s 2009/10 budget. The failure of lawmakers to adopt a budget by June 30 has resulted in the state deficit increasing to $26 billion. At this point, however, that increase in the state deficit has not resulted in an increase in the CSU budget reduction. The CSU number remains $584 million.

In the previous budget update, I reported that President’s Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC) recommended, and the President approved, a 2009/10 budget for SDSU that included moving forward with $20.4 million of reductions. Those reductions have been implemented.

Any further budget reductions at SDSU are awaiting a final state budget, and the result of Chancellor’s Office efforts to implement furloughs and other budget mitigation measures for the CSU system. A special Board of Trustees meeting was held on July 7, 2009. No action was taken, but the trustees will meet again on July 21 for their regularly scheduled July meeting. It is anticipated that the result of CSU budget mitigation plans will be known following that meeting.

Meanwhile, many questions remain unanswered. Will there be furloughs for SDSU employees? Will our employees receive IOUs instead of a paycheck? Do furloughs affect SDSU’s auxiliary employees and if so how? We have little definitive information but have started a Q&A document which responds with the best information available.

This is without question the most challenging financial/governmental environment SDSU has faced in decades. It is important to retain the spirit that distinguishes SDSU and our highly collaborative shared governance process. I thank all who continue to work together on this budget, and we will share with you more information as it becomes available.