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University Update

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TO: All SDSU Employees
FROM: Sally Roush, Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs

August 13, 2009

Budget Update #20

As we approach the start of the fall semester, we want to continue to communicate with you the changes that will be taking place on campus as a result of the state budget cuts. Some of this information may begin to appear in the local media and we wanted to make sure you received the correct information from the university before that time.

Since the last Budget Central Update, the California Faculty Association ratified its furlough agreement beginning August 1. As a result, faculty members with academic-year appointments will be required to take nine furlough days each semester during the 2009-10 academic year. Some of those furlough days may be taken on instructional days, though deans and department heads are working with the faculty to ensure that course goals and learning objectives are met.

SDSU’s proposed campus furlough plan for classified, MPP and staff employees is nearing finalization. The first seven months are finalized and available on the Human Resources website. We will continue to keep you updated as additional information about the remainder of the fiscal year becomes available. The temporary money generated by furlough savings will remain in each division and, within Academic Affairs, within each college. Each dean has discretion to use the funds to temporarily offset the impacts of permanent budget cuts, including offering course sections. Auxiliary staff members are not subject to furloughs.

Budget Central Update #19 outlined the ways in which SDSU is addressing its $35 million permanent budget reduction. Approximately half ($17.1 million) will be addressed through the non-renewal of 273 temporary employees. The majority of such non-renewals are complete.

Amongst faculty, this includes 224 part-time lecturers or full-time lecturers who have not been reappointed. There are no plans to eliminate tenured or tenure-track faculty.

For temporary employees whose contracts were extended through September 30, some but not all, may receive another 90-day appointment extension, as determined by each vice president for his or her respective division.

This fall, SDSU is expecting approximately 34,010 students, with 33,039 of those students on the San Diego campus. Last fall we had 34,889 students on the San Diego campus; thus, we are projecting a reduction of 1,850 students (-5.3%) from fall 2008. This fall, we expect to enroll approximately 4,089 new first-time freshmen and 2,787 new undergraduate transfer students on the San Diego campus. Our enrollment target from the Chancellor’s Office is for a 10.8 percent decrease by next fall (2010) as compared with our 2008/09 target so there will be additional enrollment decreases next year.

Earlier this summer, we revised our fall class schedule to address the classes that would be affected by the non-renewal of lecturers. In terms of class sections, currently we have 352 fewer course sections from fall 2008. While that is an eight percent reduction in class offerings, by increasing class sizes the total number of available seats is down just two percent or 3,364 from fall 2008. In fall 2008, the average undergraduate class lecture size was 33 students. This fall, we anticipate that number to increase only slightly to approximately 35 students. It is important to note that we will add course sections and/or seats to the current fall schedule during registration as we determine areas of enrollment demand.

If you have questions, we invite you to look at the Q&A section on SDSU’s Budget Central as we are providing answers to frequently asked questions there. If your question is not addressed there, please feel free to email