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TO: All Faculty and Staff
FROM: President Stephen L. Weber 

Oct. 27 , 2008

Budget Message #10

It is increasingly clear that dark clouds are gathering on California's financial horizon. State revenues are down and expected to go lower. The long-delayed, recently approved budget appears already to be in deficit. California has just asked the CSU to return $31.3 million - and that is independent of a likely mid-year reduction. In short, the State of California, and consequently, SDSU, face serious budget challenges.

San Diego State has effectively weathered substantial budget reductions in the past by looking ahead and positioning ourselves to respond as needed; we will do so again. It will require (as it has in the past) our collective intelligence, ingenuity and good will.

To prepare for further budget reductions, either this fiscal year or in 2009/10, I have asked the Provost and Vice Presidents to carefully scrutinize each request to fill a vacant position and, with few exceptions, to make temporary appointments for those positions deemed essential. Further, they have been directed to refrain, whenever possible, from making new financial commitments that extend beyond June 30, 2009.

These steps will enable SDSU to respond to potential budget reductions in a way that maintains the high quality of education for our students while minimizing the impact on our most valuable resource - our employees.

SDSU has been well-served by our Presidential Budget Advisory Committee; I will continue to seek their advice.

I hope each of you will remain informed about our state's fast-changing financial condition and the potential consequences for SDSU. In particular, I urge you to read V.P. Roush's budget memos - that I suspect will be appearing at an accelerating pace - and do not hesitate to ask questions or seek clarifications. I want you to know what we know. I do not expect it to be pretty, but I expect that we will best respond to this challenge if we are well informed.