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University Update

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TO: All SDSU Employees
FROM: Sally Roush, Vice President of Business and Financial Affairs

November 2, 2009

Budget Update #22

On Oct. 1, 2009, the President's Budget Advisory Committee met to review actual tuition and fee receipts for the fall semester, and to review the final allocation of funds and reductions from the Chancellor's Office to the universities. Our final reduction amount grew to $37.6 million due to a further one-time reduction being passed to the campuses.

PBAC recommended, and the President agreed, that with our tuition and fee collections slightly in excess of our budget estimate and sufficient one time reserves on hand, the additional $2.6 million one-time reduction will be handled at the university level to avoid further impact to the divisions.

On Oct. 14, we learned that the Chancellor's Office will allocate $25 million in one-time funds system wide for the specific purpose of providing additional course sections and student support services. These funds are available as a result of the CSU's receipt of federal stimulus funds in the amount of $77.5 million. $25 million is being allocated now, and the balance of $52.5 million is being held in the Chancellor's Office against a possible mid-year reduction. More information on this federal stimulus funding is available at CSU Budget Central.

San Diego State's share of the funds being allocated is $2 million. On Oct. 15, the President's Budget Advisory Committee met and recommended use of the funds for course sections and development of online courses. President Weber approved the recommendation. Because the fall semester is already underway, the funds will impact the spring 2010 schedule.

We will provide additional updates on the budget situation as more information becomes available.