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University Update

University Update

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July 8, 2013

University Update

TO: SDSU Faculty and Staff
FROM: President Elliot Hirshman
Provost Nancy Marlin

Mary Ruth Carleton, Tom McCarron and Eric Rivera
Vice President and Graduate Dean Stephen Welter

We write to provide an update on a number of significant university developments. Foremost among these is the completion of the university budgeting process for fiscal year 2013-2014.

University Budget

Our budget for fiscal year 2013-2014 has improved significantly. While funding from state appropriations remains significantly below historical levels, the combination of conservative budgeting, university revenue initiatives and modest restoration of state appropriations permits us to allocate significant base budget and one-time funds across the university. These funds will be used to address critical support needs and to make strategic investments as envisioned in our recently-completed Strategic Plan "Building on Excellence." Available base budget funding for investment, after adjustments for mandatory costs and a centrally held budget reduction, is $15.4 million. Additionally, owing to the conservative budgeting of the past several years, the university had significant one-time funds available for investment. The detail on the components of the funds available is at the President's Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC) website.

The President's Budget Advisory Committee met on seven occasions throughout the spring semester to deliberate about the University Operating Fund which is a primary source of support for the university's basic operations. Following the Committee's long-standing process of considering budget proposals presented by and through the university's major divisions, a final meeting to review all proposals and to vote on a recommendation for distribution of the funds was held on June 13, 2013. In summary, $11.4 million in base budget funds and $11.2 million in one-time funding were recommended for allocation to the divisions. President Hirshman approved the recommendation and made additional allocations totaling $240,000 before approving the final budget.

Of the base budget funding allocated, approximately $5.1 million is available in 2013/14 for one time uses until the completion of faculty searches in 2014/15 at which time the funding becomes permanently obligated. This approach greatly increases the one-time funds available to support many important investments such as laboratory equipment, library resources and upgrades to smart classrooms. Approximately $4 million of base budget dollars remain unallocated as a hedge against unforeseen circumstances that may occur during the year. The 2013/14 budget allocations will enable searches for approximately 67 faculty positions and 63 staff positions to begin immediately. About 33% of the funded positions support strategic plan initiatives and the balance are invested to meet critical operating needs, including enrollment support, within the university. Detail on the allocations is available at the President's Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC) website.

The University is positioned well financially to build on our excellent history of success and accomplishments, relying on the guidance provided through the strategic planning process and on the strength of our integrated financial strategy. We are committed to generating appropriate revenues to support the development of our university. The total University Operating Fund budget for 2013/14 is $328.4 million of which approximately $60 million is dedicated fee revenue and recovery of costs from auxiliary sources.

Building on Excellence-A Strategic Plan for San Diego State University

"Building on Excellence" focuses on three broad institutional goals, Student Success, Research and Creative Endeavors, and Community and Communication. The plan also provides a Resource and Revenue Plan to support the attainment of the identified goals. As we begin the implementation phase of the strategic plan, the participation of our community will be critical to success and we encourage you to continue to be part of the conversation and the process. Progress updates and additional information will be regularly provided on the strategic plan website "Building on Excellence."

To date, the university has allocated more than $21.3 million in one-time funds and $11.7 million in base budget funds to address critical support needs and strategic plan initiatives identified in the planning process. One-time funds are a combination of funds that were allocated in 2012/2013 and funds that were allocated in 2013/2014. A complete description of the strategic plan and critical needs investments can be found on the strategic plan website "Building on Excellence".

In addition, broadly-representative cross-divisional working groups are being convened to support the attainment of a number of the goals outlined in the plan. In some cases, extant groups will fulfill this role. In other cases, new groups will be constituted. These groups will be responsible for recommending and executing initiatives to help the university attain the goals articulated in the strategic plan. Each group will have broad representation from the University Senate and appropriate university divisions. To ensure accountability, each group will be chaired by a senior administrator who will report to either the Provost or the appropriate divisional Vice President.

Campaign for SDSU

With more than 43,000 gifts from alumni, friends, faculty, staff, parents and community partners, The Campaign for SDSU now totals more than $411 million, marking the strongest period of fundraising in San Diego State University's history. In the last fiscal year alone, the university raised over $89.2 million, breaking our prior annual fundraising record by more than $14 million. The campaign has benefited from 78 gifts of $1 million or more. It includes more than $220 million for SDSU's eight colleges to establish faculty endowments and support academic programming. Another $61 million in gifts support students through scholarships, internships and research opportunities.

Recent gifts to The Campaign have included $1 million from Irwin and Peter Zahn and the Moxie Foundation to the Zahn Center for Innovation, and a $1.3 million Charitable Remainder Trust established by William "Jeff" Jeffery and his wife Katherine for the benefit of Athletics.

Feels Like Home

The Division of Student Affairs is thrilled to welcome 56 higher education professionals from Xiamen and Chongqing Universities in China for a month-long visit to SDSU. The purpose of the visit is to familiarize these professionals with how San Diego State University practices Student Affairs and how campus and community partners work collaboratively with the Division of Student Affairs to promote student success. Please join us in giving our international colleagues from China a warm SDSU welcome when you see them on campus from mid-July through mid-August.

The University is pleased to welcome more than 4,800 first-time freshmen and more than 3,600 transfer students to the campus for the fall 2013 semester. Numerous programs are planned to officially welcome and facilitate the transition and integration of our new students and their families into the Aztec family. These include New Student and Parent Orientation, EOP Summer Bridge for both first time freshman and transfer students, and New Student and Family Convocation. We anticipate nearly 19,000 students and family members will visit campus this summer.

New students are formally welcomed to campus the week of August 23rd through August 31st. Welcome Week is designed to provide new students with an opportunity to become engaged in campus life. The first Aztec Nights event is scheduled during Welcome Week. Aztec Nights events provide healthy and safe alternative programming choices on campus. Events range from a night of dancing, to an outdoor movie showing, to a campus carnival, and much more.


This summer is a time of significant leadership transition for our university marked by the retirements of long-serving Vice Presidents Jim Kitchen and Sally Roush. The legacy and contributions of Vice Presidents Roush and Kitchen will long be remembered. We offer them our sincerest respect and appreciation as they transition into retirement.

Collective Contribution

We continue to build momentum as we lay the foundation required to implement our university's strategic plan. Our collective focus on student success, research and creative endeavors, and community and communication will have a significant and lasting impact on our university community. We thank you for all that you do to support our university and we look forward to seeing you at All-University Convocation on Thursday, August 22nd.