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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

 Jun Chen
  Ph.D.,  Purdue University

 Modeling, Control & Optimization of Large-Scale Networked Systems
 Computational Stochastic and Robust Optimization
 Unmanned Aircraft Systems
 Distributed Control and Optimization of Autonomous Systems

 Phone:  TBD

Research Interests:

Dr. Chen's research area includes dynamics, control, machine learning and artificial intelligence, particularly in data-driven modeling, control and optimization for large-scale networked dynamical systems, with applications in mechanical and aerospace engineering such as air traffic control, traffic flow management, and autonomous air/ground vehicle systems.

Sampled Publications:

1. Jun Chen, Daniel DeLaurentis, and Dengfeng Sun, "Dynamic Stochastic Model for Converging Inbound Air Traffic," Journal of Guidance,Control and Dynamics, Vol.39, No.10 (2016), pp. 2273-2283.

2. Jun Chen, Lijian Chen and Dengfeng Sun, "Air Traffic Flow Management under Uncertainty Using Chance-Constrained Optimization," Transportation Research Part B, 102 (2017): 124-141

3. Jun Chen, Yi Cao and Dengfeng Sun, "Modeling, Optimization and Operation of Large-scale Air Traffic Flow Management on Spark," Journal of Aerospace Information Systems, Vol.14, No.9 (2017), pp. 504-516.

4. Jun Chen, and Dengfeng Sun, "Stochastic Ground Delay Program Planning in a Metroplex," Journal of Guidance,Control and Dynamics, Vol.41, No.1 (2018), pp. 231-239.

5. Lijian Chen, Chiang Wen-Chyuan, Robert Russell, Jun Chen and Dengfeng Sun "Probabilistic Vehicle Routing Problem with Service Guarantees" Transportation Research Part E, Vol.111 (2018), pp. 149-164.

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