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The Aztec Experience

The Aztec Experience

Transformational Opportunities

Around every corner is an opportunity that will shape your destiny. Experience transformational opportunities that, in a moment, can change your life forever. Making contributions to groundbreaking research, studying abroad, or engaging in a career-defining internship or mentorship, are just some of these opportunities.

Alberto Perez Jr.: Changing the World

Alberto's transformation started during the summer before his freshman year. Inspired to do research through The Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering (CSNE), he has found his purpose in developing innovative technologies that could one day transform lives.

Justine Obiakor: Transforming Tragedy into Triumph

Justine celebrates her graduation

A former Peer Health Educator and Study Abroad Peer Advisor, Justine's Aztec Experience empowered her to believe what she wants is within reach. She is now in the first year of earning her master’s degree in health policy at City University London. Read Justine’s story.

Estefania Casteneda: Passion to Help Others

Estefania Castaneda is now a Fulbright Scholar in Madrid, Spain. Noting that attending SDSU changed her life, she connected to the university through her study abroad experience in Japan, and later through working in the SDSU Study Abroad office. She is passionate about helping others connect across borders, despite language barriers.

Sara Torres: Leaving a MARC

photo: Sara Torres in the chemistry lab.

Sara Torres, a sophomore majoring in biochemistry, participated in the summer Pre-MARC program, which prepares students to work in a lab setting while giving them insight into research careers and preparing them for the competitive MARC application process. Read Sara's story.

Jeremy Caplan: Mentoring Initiates Reflection, Encourages Success

photo: jeremy caplanat the NASA JPL facility

Jeremy Caplan participated in the Aztec Mentor Program to receive guidance and maybe a foot in the door for internship opportunities before he graduated. Read Jeremy's story.

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Did you know...


During the 2012-2013 academic year, more than 1,800 Aztecs expanded their horizons and explored the world while studying abroad.



Within the last 10 years, 74 SDSU students have been asked to teach and conduct research abroad as part of the prestigious Fulbright Program.



Currently more than 2,800 Aztecs have gained internships through SDSU, boosting their career network and job prospects post-graduation.



SDSU students studied abroad in 67 countries during the 2013-14 academic year, immersing themselves in different cultures and learning new languages.