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San Diego State University

Be International

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  • Make sure your passport is valid or apply for one as soon as possible!
  • Consider your goals! What do you want to accomplish during your international experience?
  • Consider how long you want to spend abroad! There are good reasons to study abroad for a long-term, as well as for a short-term. In a semester or year program, you have more time for exploration, cultural immersion, making friends and it’s often no more expensive than staying at SDSU. In a short-term program, you can gain an initial exposure to a new culture and focus on a more specific topic or theme. 
  • Attend a SDSU Study Abroad information session. 
  • Explore your program options in the Aztecs Abroad Database
  • Consider more affordable destinations! SDSU has programs in great places such as Turkey, South Africa, India and Singapore that are much cheaper! There are many programs outside Western Europe that offer courses taught in English and are also more affordable. 
  • Discuss plans with academic advisors early! Your advisor may be able to give suggestions on the best time to study abroad or specific graduation requirements to satisfy while abroad. 
  • Plan ahead and apply for study abroad scholarships. Deadlines vary, so it’s ideal to start a year ahead! Many students are awarded scholarships that help defray costs.