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San Diego State University

SDSU international students

Mentor an international student

Remember how hard it was to adjust to college as a freshman? Now imagine what it must be like to adjust to college and a new country at the same time. International students face unique challenges when they arrive on campus, but now you have a chance to help them settle in and succeed. Join the ISC Mentor Program and mentor incoming international freshmen!

Through your participation as an ISC Mentor, you will:

  • Acquire leadership skills for your resume
  • Empower and motivate your peers to be successful
  • Develop a sense of community and involvement with SDSU
  • Gain exposure to intercultural relations and communication
  • Learn another language  
  • Learn about other cultures (think of it as study abroad without leaving home)

Participation in this program is open to sophomore, junior and senior undergraduate students only.

Apply now

Fill out this online form to apply.

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