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San Diego State University

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Genaro Hernandez, cell and molecular biology, honors student.Leading Innovation and Discovery

San Diego State’s teacher/scholar faculty model attracts brilliant women and men dedicated to both student education and academic inquiry.

Student participation in groundbreaking research has become a hallmark of an SDSU education for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Thriving research enterprise

In each of our seven colleges, faculty and students work together to solve the problems facing our region and our world.

Donor support will help SDSU attract and retain outstanding faculty, build excellence throughout the colleges and grow our nationally ranked programs in public health, engineering, psychology, education, homeland security, international business and dozens of others.

Carefully managed endowment funds also provide competitive compensation to help recruit and retain stellar faculty. Gifts from individuals and corporations have established 13 endowed chairs at San Diego State. With additional funding from the Campaign for SDSU, we can continue to attract world-class teacher/scholars.

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talented researcherThe Donald P. Shiley BioScience Center on the SDSU campus is the only facility where researchers study the link between heart disease and inflammation resulting from infection. Their work combines basic science investigation, public health studies and technology development to advance our understanding of chronic illness.  Learn more.

biology sampleSDSU biologist Mark Sussman's research shows the terrific promise stem cells show for repairing the heart after an attack.  Learn more.


new solar cellEngineering students conceived a next-generation solar technology that could dramatically change the way we power the world.  Learn more.


bionic hand - SDSU engineeringSDSU engineers have made great progress developing machines that can be controlled by the brain — technology that could lead to a real-life bionic man.  Learn more.

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Laser Technology

Bill Tong and his colleagues have discovered laser technologies that identify chemicals in extremely small concentrations, allowing earlier detection of AIDS and Alzheimer’s disease.  Tong has patented the same technology to detect Improvised Explosive Devices in the battlefield.