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San Diego State University

Compact for Success

9th Grade Campus Visit to SDSU

Each spring, from January to May, one SUHSD school per week is invited to bring 150 9th-graders to SDSU for a campus visit.

Event description

This is an event for 9th grade students in the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) who are determined to be “on-track” for a college career at SDSU. Schools bus students in groups of up to 150 for a full school day of academic admissions information and a transcript review.

SDSU staff, including Compact Mentors, present students with a comprehensive pre-orientation to the university. Students learn about college planning, financial aid, compact requirements and tour the campus.

Goals of the 9th Grade Visit Program

  • Rewarding students for their continued academic success and participation in the Compact for Success.
  • Informing students about the opportunities and challenges of university studies, including the importance of academic readiness without the need for remediation as college freshmen.
  • Introducing students to campus academic departments and programs, student support services including the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), athletic, and cultural opportunities.
  • Reinforcing and affirming educational plans to ensure that students complete the sequence of subject area requirements (“A-G” courses) for both admission and academic readiness.
  • Guiding students in beginning their CSU application on the CSUMentor website.
  • Connecting students with SDSU faculty, staff, and students in order to increase their comfort in visiting and attending the university.

Who can participate?

The top 240 Compact for Success-eligible students from each school are eligible for the SDSU 9th Grade Visit based on their grade point averages. From among these 240 students, up to 150 students may participate in the event. Visits take place on a Friday throughout the spring semester. Students are accompanied by their high school counselors or teachers.


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