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San Diego State University

Compact for Success

Step 3: Placement Exams (ELM and EPT)

  • For SDSU/CSU only

When: Begin during fall semester of your senior year.

What to do: Check to see if you have met ELM and EPT requirements. If you haven’t, then prepare for and take the exams(s).

Check to see if you have already met requirements:

  • 1. Check your August Star Report. On the back page, you will find your Early Assessment (EAP) results. Check to see if you were Exempt from English, or Exempt or Conditionally Exempt from Math.
    • Note: Conditionally Exempt from Math students must have a senior math experience in course at intermediate algebra level or higher.
    • Review CSU online information about ELM/EPT exemptions.
  • 2. Check your SAT/ACT Results: SAT results should be 500 for Critical Reading and 550 for Math. ACT should be 22 for English and 23 for math. 
  • 3. Check your AP/IB English and Math results: If you took AP/IB courses in the 11th grade and scored a 3 on the exam or 5 on IB exam. 

If you need to take the ELM/EPT, then prepare to take exam(s):

  • 1. SAT/ACT Reminder: If you have only taken these exams once, and your scores are close to 500 for Critical Reading or 550 for Math (SAT) and 22 for English or 23 for Math (ACT), then it would be wise to take these exams once again. You can find tutorial guides at any major bookstore and study to improve your score. Study guides are also available online (Study Guide for the SAT, Preparing for the ACT) . You can log onto the websites to register and retake either exam (SAT website) (ACT website).
  • 2. ELM/EPT Preparation: Tutorial guides are available online:

Take the exam(s):

  • To find dates for upcoming exams, and to register, visit the SDSU Test Office EPT/ELM Registration page. You may take one test per date. Please log on and register early. You may take these exams multiple times, so register early and give yourself time to take again, if needed.