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BRIDGES Scholarship Recipients


Year: Freshman| Major: Hospitality & Tourism Management


Shannon Dalton is currently a first-year student in the Weber Honors College. She is majoring in Hospitality & Tourism Management and minoring in Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies. She volunteers as a Peer Leadership Consultant through Student Life & Leadership where she presents workshops to various student groups on time management, conflict resolution, and other key skills. In her first semester, Shannon served as Pledge Class Secretary of Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity on campus, and is hoping to become the VP of Communications for the fraternity next semester. She is heavily involved in Alpha Kappa Psi’s Philanthropy Committee in which her team raises money for Eunime, an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico for children with HIV and AIDS, and gives professional workshops to at-risk high schoolers to help them obtain jobs. Through her leadership curriculum, she currently tutors a foster youth,and helps her advance to perform at grade-level standards. Shannon has enthusiastically accepted an internship with Marriott International for this upcoming summer, where she will learn the inner-workings of the industry she hopes to someday pursue a career in.

BRIDGES Scholarship Recipients


Year: Sophomore| Major: Spanish and Linguistics
From: Napa, CA


Sophia Cole is a second­-year student in the Weber Honors College majoring in Spanish and minoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. She is pursuing a second major in Linguistics with an emphasis on Teaching English as a Second Language. She serves as a student liaison through Aztec P.R.I.D.E., which connects current SDSU students with alumni and donors. She is the Vice President of Programming of Planned Parenthood Generation Action, and works as a Desk Assistant at Chapultepec Residence Hall. She is very enthusiastic about studying abroad during her junior year at the University of Granada in Spain, where she will immerse herself in local Spanish culture and take classes that will improve her fluency.


Read about Sophia in SDSU Newscenter!

BRIDGES Scholarship Recipients


Year: Junior | Major: Statistics
From: Oceanside, CA


Justine Poulin is a junior scholar in the Weber Honors College. She is majoring in Statistics and minoring in International Studies and Honors in Interdisciplinary Studies. She is currently studying abroad in South Korea for the fall semester at Chung-ang University. She has been awarded a competitive scholarship through the university to work at the Global Lounge on campus where she helps Korean students with their English speaking and writing skills. She is also conducting a cross-cultural, quantitative research study on volunteerism that will compare Korean and American university students. On campus, she is a part of the Korean Student Association (KSA), where she has served as the Public Relations Officer for two years, and Circle K. Circle K is a student-led organization which embodies the tenets of leadership, fellowship, and service at the local, district and international levels. Since awarded the Bridges scholarship in November 2014, Justine completed over 80 hours of community service and continues devoting more time to helping the community.

BRIDGES Scholarship Recipients


Year: Senior | Major: Journalism
Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Studies
From: Manteca, CA


Zackary Albrecht is a senior studying journalism with an emphasis in public relations. Zackary is the President for the Rotaract of SDSU, served as an adviser on the Student Life and Leadership Summit Student Advisory Committee and is the Chief of Staff, serving as the principal counsel, representative and aide of the Associated Students Executive officers. He also runs two different first-year leadership programs.  Off campus, he works with an organization called iVOW, which promotes peace and education via a pod-cast platform. Over the summer he signed onto a communications consulting firm called Prisk Communication (PC), where he is an associate. PC specializes in public speaking training, effective presentations skills, how to interview 101, facilitation and more. This winter, he will study abroad for two weeks in Barcelona to receive his certification for collaborating, facilitating and conciliating from the National Conflict Resolution Center through the College of Extended Studies.

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