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San Diego State University

Faculty-Student Mentoring Program

Martina Musteen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Management

As a mentor, my goal is to establish a close relationship with a group of students interested in research in the area of business. I am a passionate researcher in the area of international business and entrepreneurship and have published a number of articles in scholarly journals and presented my work at many international conferences (for more information see my webpage at My wish is to stimulate interest in --and perhaps even passion for -- academic business research by those who choose and are selected to become my protégés.

During the course of the academic year, my protégés can expect to interact with me in a personal, one-on-one fashion as well as in informal group meetings. They will learn about what scholarly research is about, what it is like to be a professor and what it entails to publish scholarly articles. They will get a “taste” of both the joys and frustrations of conducting research, presenting in a conference and taking a paper through the publication process. As we progress through the academic year, I would hope to inspire my student protégés to consider pursuing a career in academia. However, it is also possible that they may find that academic career is not for them and that is, I feel, a valuable insight as well. At the very least, the students will have a chance to talk to me, ask any questions they may have about research and find out about my personal story of becoming a professor. In addition, they will come out with a publishable quality piece of work that they can be proud of and experience that may be helpful to them as they pursue further educational goals or seek a professional position in the marketplace.

We will start with learning about what are some of the current important research questions in the business discipline that need to be answered. We will then discuss how social scientists in universities approach them and what methods are available in addressing them. The students will engage in a brainstorming session in order for them to identify a research project that they would like to engage in. They will receive my guidance in developing a plan of research and then, individually, or in small groups, will collect and analyze data necessary to answering their research question. Based on their findings, they will develop a draft of a paper and submit it for a presentation to a conference. The students will learn how to professionally present their findings and address criticism of peers and potential reviewers.

While there will be several scheduled group sessions in an “informal lecture” format (particularly at the beginning and end of the academic year and prior to the conference presentations), most of the work will take the form of an independent study by the protégés themselves under my guidance. Thus, only students who are capable of taking an independent initiative, working with minimal formal supervision and those who are self-motivated and disciplined are likely to be best candidates for and benefit most from the mentoring program. The main deliverable required from the protégés in the proposed two-semester program is a manuscript of publishable quality. They will be encouraged to work individually and undertake empirically-based studies as this is likely to expose them to most of the facets of academic research – theory building, literature review, sample selection, data analysis and interpretation. However, under special circumstances, I will approve group-based projects and/or conceptual and literature review pieces.

The students should expect to have as much contact with me and devote as much (or more) time and effort to the mentoring experience as they would to a regular class.


Dr. Musteen

Management Department

Office: SSE-3302
Mail Code: 8238
p. 619-594-8346
f. 619-594-3272