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San Diego State University

Faculty-Student Mentoring Program

Valerie Pang, Ph.D.
Professor of Teacher Education


F-SMP Students at the 2009
Student Research Symposium,
Montezuma Hall, SDSU

The goal of the COE FSMP is to develop an interest in and understanding of educational research in undergraduate students, whose career path is multiple or single subject education.

It is critical for students to have the opportunity to research educational issues. The purpose of the COE FSMP research program is to engage undergraduate students in research and extensive collaboration so that they expand their understanding of complex issues in schools and the achievement process. One of the major purposes of this program is to involve undergraduate students in actual research being directed by a College of Education faculty member. The research to be conducted during the 2008-2009 academic year addressed the following research question: How do fourth and fifth grade bilingual students characterize a “good” teacher? The COE FSMP team presented their research in February, 2009, at SDSU’s student research conference. The team interviewed individual students, transcribed interviews, coded qualitative data, analyzed data, identified findings, and discussed implications for the classroom.

This year, 2009-2010, we will continue in this research by observing and interviewing exceptional teachers. Case studies of teachers and their characteristics will be developed and written. The data collected about a “good” teacher from teacher participants will be compared with evidence collected from fourth and fifth grade participants of the 2008-2009 research study.

One of the most important benefits of the COE FSMP program is the opportunity to get to know other students who are also planning to become teachers. Students share information about their classes and visions for the future. In addition, students in the program more fully identify key characteristics of a “good” educator and work towards the development of those crucial skills.

Over the past ten years I have seen much growth in the students who participated in the FSMP program. I find that the students are exceptional people who hold a strong desire to be the best teacher!


Dr. Pang

School of Teacher Education

Office: NE-083C
Mail Code: 1153
p. 619-594-7124
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