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San Diego State University

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Nancy Nguyen


Major: Sociology


Minor: Public Administration, Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

Expected Graduation Date: December 2018


Future Goals:  To enter a Masters in Public Policy program after undergraduate education.








On campus, Nancy serves as President for Gates to Success, President of Phi Kappa Phi, a Resident Advisor, a Scholarship Committee Member for Mortar Board, and a Peer Leadership Consultant. In the community, she previously served as a Fellow with the Center on Policy Initiatives and Legislative Intern for a local assmblymember. She currently serves as a Advocacy and Legislative Intern for the United Nations Association-USA San Diego and as a tutor for refugees with the International Rescue Committee. She spent a summer at Princeton University as a Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow, publishing and presenting global policy recommendations to senior officials.

Nancy Nguyen is also a Research Assistant with the Access to Opportunity Program, where she investigates how policies by the public, nonprofit, and private sectors can better support low-income families. She was previously awarded the Provost's Outstanding Award for her previous research project with the National Center for Urban School Transformation (NCUST), where she investigated the approaches employed by personnel in low-income, high-performing, K-12 schools in addressing students social-emotional needs.

Post undergrad, she plans to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy and seek employment with USAID as a Foreign Service National. She aims to follow the world’s political fluctuations and migration patterns and conduct policy work in high-tension areas.



Contact Nancy:

Vice President


panchito_17.jpg   Francisco "Panchito" Martinez



   Major: Philosophy



   Minor: Leadership and Honors

  Interdisciplinary Studies



   Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2020



   Future Goals: For members of underserved

   communities  to have access to institutions

   of higher learning.



"María De Jesús Peñuelas moved into Barrio Logan, a neighborhood rich in history, after immigrating from México. After learning about the environmental issues affecting the community, María organized families to advocate for a dignified quality of life. On September 2nd 1997, María gave birth to Francisco “Panchito” Martínez. Seventeen years later, In 2015, Francisco “Panchito” Martínez was accepted into San Diego State University with the coveted Vice President for Student Affairs Leadership Scholarship, worth $30,000 to study leadership. Two years later Panchito received the 2017 Sargent Shriver Youth Warriors Against Poverty award from Marguerite Casey Foundation for co-founding the Leadership Council at Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI). As an organization, BLCI prepares students to access higher education. Panchito is currently at SDSU with over a 3.87 cumulative GPA studying philosophy as well as working towards the Leadership Minor and the Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Panchito is highly involved in on-campus and off-campus communities. On campus, Panchito serves as a Peer Leadership Consultant, facilitating workshops for over 300 student organizations and managing relations with community partners for the Gates to Success student organization as the Vice President. Gates to Success provides resources and professional development for first-generation college students at SDSU. Off campus, Panchito serves as the Leadership Program Specialist at BLCI, working closely with the chief executive officer to design, implement, and evaluate leadership programs for the organization. In this capacity, Panchito mentors some of the most high achieving student leaders from the community. Panchito has also raised over $50,000 for these leadership programs from local corporations and foundations.

Access to higher education has transformed the life of Panchito and that of many others. After earning a master’s degree in Education Policy and Management from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Panchito plans to partner with communities across the world to effect positive change using education as a vehicle. The journey has just begun"


Contact Panchito:

Director of Internal/External Affairs




Ariana Hernandez


Major: Psychology


Minor: Honors Interdisciplinary Studies

Expected Graduation Date: Spring 2019


Future Goals: Ariana hopes to attain her PhD in Social Psychology once she completes her BA.










Ariana is a third year student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. She serves as the Director of Internal Affairs for GtS where she plans on creating at least one social event and community service event every semester in order to enhance a social capital and strengthen the community of first-generation, low income students at SDSU striving towards success. Ariana also serves as the Vice President of the EOP Student Advisory Board and is an active EOP volunteer. Besides student organizations, Ariana is an EOP SOAR mentor, TA for Chicana Psychology, Weber Honors College Scholar and an SDSU NIH IMSD Scholar.

Ariana is also a research assistant for the Motivation and Social Identity Lab at SDSU. Her research interests include understanding the psychological processes of underrepresented students with regards to educational equity. More specifically, she is interested in researching how to serve and support them by understanding their attitudes and mindsets towards student support service.

Outside of school, Ariana works as a volunteer liaison for the San Diego County Department of Animal Services where she puts her leadership skills to practice in order to effectively assist the coordinator with over 300 volunteers.



Contact Ariana: 

Chief of Finance



Aubrey Schafer


Major: Psychology


Minor: Interdisciplinary studies and counseling and social change

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019



Future Goals: To attend law school and specialize in family and adoption law.


Aubrey is a third year senior, majoring in psychology and minoring in interdisciplinary studies and counseling and social change at San Diego State University. On campus she is the Chief of Finance for The Gates to Success Society, the Social Director of the Golden Key International Honour Society, and the Success Networking Team Coordinator for The National Society of Leadership and Success. Furthermore, she works as a research assistant in two developmental psychology labs, one that focuses on child language and communicative development, and another that deals with adolescent foster youth research. Last summer she studied cultural psychology in Italy and Switzerland in an effort to better understand the aspects of diversity and multiculturalism that influence societal norms. Her goal is to utilize this background in order to lay the foundation for a career in family law, with an emphasis on child custody and adoption policy.


Contact Aubrey: 

Chief of Marketing



Beatriz Torres


Major: Psychology


Expected Graduation Date: May 2018


Future Goals: Attend a Graduate School School Psychology program and hope to contribute to research that can help Low income minorities.


Beatriz is a first generation fourth year student at SDSU majoring in Psychology. Beatriz is interested in School Psychology and Neuropsychology because of how predisposed biological factors can affect a child’s role in society. As a first generation student, Beatriz hopes to extend the resources Gates to Success offers to various types of students such as: first generation students, students with low income, DACA students and any other student interested in pursuing high impact practices. Beatriz plans to attend graduate school where she hopes to do research in the understanding behind the various underlying factors that cause mental illnesses among low socioeconomic Latino populations and what measures can be implemented to hinder these illnesses to develop. She hopes to someday work in a practice that can help institute those preventative measures for future Latino generations. Beatriz currently works with Girl Scouts San Diego where she teaches young girls skills that help them succeed and become strong voices for the future as part of Outreach and as a Program Leader. Her passion for helping others is what fuels her need to have such ambitious goals in her future in which she hopes to make a positive influence in people’s lives.



Contact Beatriz:




Julia Mobasser


Major: Accounting


Expected Graduation Date: May 2020


Future Goals: In the future, I hope to earn my masters’ degree in accounting, become a CPA, and work for a public firm.


Julia Mobasser is a second year undergraduate student at SDSU as an accounting major, and the first in her family to attend college. As a freshman, she began her involvement on campus by joining the hall council in her dorm and holding the position of treasurer. Getting involved greatly enhanced her college experience and allowed her to meet so many amazing people. This year, she is secretary of SDSU Gates to Success and also works as an academic mentor in the residential halls. She is also looking to get involved in the commuter program here on campus and looks forward to studying abroad in Europe within the next year or so. In her freetime, she enjoys playing classical pieces on the piano and playing the cello. Music is something she is very passionate about, and she also enjoys composing songs for fun. As a first generation college student, she wants other students to realize the importance of getting involved on campus and setting goals for themselves.


Contact Julia: