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Credit by Examination for Music 102


Music 102 addresses how to read music and play a simple instrument. It also addresses familiarity with the CA State Content Standards for Music. Students can satisfy the Music 102 requirement through a Challenge Examination. The exam is designed for students who play an instrument or sing.


Students must register for the course and take the exam in the same semester. The exam is offered only in the first week of the Fall semester. Students who earn a score of 75% or better on both sections of the exam will receive 3 units of Credit by Examination for Music 102.


The exam may be taken only once. There is no fee for the exam. Reservations must be made in the Music & Dance Office by noon on the day immediately preceding the examination.

To see if the challenge exam will be offered in any given fall semester, contact the Department of Music and Dance Office.  Request advance materials from that office.

Students may view an example of the challenge exam.