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San Diego State University

Mortar Board

Membership Application FAQs 

How does Mortar Board define senior standing?

  • A student is considered a senior when they have completed 90 or more units. We accept students who will be seniors in the Fall of 2017, so we count units completed and units in progress for Spring of 2017.

Although I am currently studying abroad, am I still eligible for Mortar Board?

  • Yes. Please submit your application via the JotForm application and mail one hardcopy of your application in a sealed envelope to Dr. Jane K. Smith in Administration 226 (AD-226) SDSU, San Diego, CA 92182-1623.

If I plan to study abroad in the Fall of 2017 or in the Spring of 2018, am I still eligible for Mortar Board?

  • Yes. If you choose to study abroad, you are exempt from active participation for that semester, but you must be active for at least one semester in Mortar Board.

For the essay prompt, can I discuss an experience that I included in my resume?

  • Yes. We want you to provide us with as much information as possible so that we can make an informed decision about you as an applicant. If you want to expand on a particular experience that is acceptable; however, that does not mean to explicitly restate all the information that you provide in your resume.

How do I print my Mortar Board application through JotForms?

  • BEFORE you submit your application in the Internet browser select File –> Print

    • If you are still experiencing issues, contact the Mortar Board Webmaster for assistance.