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San Diego State University

Pre Graduate School

Additional Resources for Applying to Graduate School


Visit SDSU Career Services and their Resource Center. This is free for enrolled students and students can take advantage of books related to careers, graduate programs, and resources to help you decide which advanced degree program is appropriate for you.


Various Publications to Help You Make an Informed Decision about Graduate School
Council of Graduate Schools

Resources for Applying to Psychology Graduate Programs


National Scholarships and Fellowships

SDSU Student Organizations Dedicated to Mentoring Students Interested in Graduate School  


Supporting Women in Geography (SWIG)
Contact:  Jared Van Ramshorst

The SMART Club is an official student organization which brings students together, from all majors, who share the same goal or interests of applying to advanced degree programs.  All majors are encouraged to participate. New student leadership roles are open for the academic year 2014-2015. Students are connected to research opportunities, scholarship/fellowships, and other professional development opportunities such as "organizing and preparing early for the graduation application process."

Contact:  Sashary Ramos, chemistry major

Psychology MORE (Mentoring OutReach and Education) Program

The PsyMORE official student organization promotes and advances student succcess through peer mentorship, guidance, and connections to a variety of campus resources. PsyMORE members are matched up with peer mentors.  Activities include campus visits to the the Psychology advising office, introduction to research workshops, graduate school mentoring activities, and outreach to community college and local high schools.

Co-Directors: Duyen Tran and Tom Boyd

SDSU Pre-Law Society

THe Pre-Law Society is a student organization that encourages and promotes a career in law by preparing members to apply for law school and introduce them into the different fields of the law. 

Other Resources On-Line

Women of Color Research Network

Become Familiar with Graduate School Acronyms and Jargon!   Learn the graduate school jargon, so you can talk to graduate students, faculty, graduate school recruiters, etc.  This will allow you to understand the conversation better and ask specific questions. 


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