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San Diego State University

Pre Graduate School

  • Abdifatah Ali
  • Alicia Zamudio
  • Shannon Clark
  • Estefania Castaneda

Honors and IDS3 Alumna Pursues Graduate Research in Political Geography

Abdifatah Ali

NSF Fellow at Michigan State University

Alicia Zamudio, PhD student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Neuroscience

Cheyne Kurokawa, 2nd year Ph.D. student, Virology and Gene Therapy, Mayo Graduate Clinic

Shannon Clark Pursues Environmental Law at UCLA

Estefania Castaneda pursues PhD in Political Sciences at UCLA

    San Diego State University provides excellent mentoring and campus engagement experiences to better prepare  students if they choose to apply to graduate or professional school in the future.

    We encourage all SDSU students to seek advising from professors, advisers, or talk to current graduate students early in their educational training.

    Students are also encouraged to seek counselors at Career Services and to participate in SDSU's Graduate and Professional School Fairs to network with recruiters and find out how to better prepare for the graduate school application process.


    Grad School: Is it for me?

    Are you considering graduate school right after you complete your B.S. or B.A. degree, or in the near future? 

    Your decision to attend graduate school should not be made hastily.  This is a process that takes time, and involves any of the following:

    - conversations with faculty, advisers, current graduate students, people employed in your field of interest

    - an honest reflection and evaluation of your interests, skills, and abilities

    - considering your options

    - answering a variety of questions such as: 

    • Why do you want to go to graduate school?  Is it for the right reasons?
    • What are your career goals?  Is graduate school necessary to assist you in meeting those goals?
    • What are you interests?  What do you want to specialize in?
    • Are you motivated to continue your education and training for another two to seven years of school?
    • What will it cost to attend graduate school?
    • What academic and personal qualities are necessary to succeed in graduate school? 

    Graduate School Student Interest Form

    Complete the form below if you are interested in applying to Graduate School (masters or doctorate) and to learn more about national scholarship and fellowships that support your graduate school goals.

    Upcoming Sessions - Fall 2017

    Writing Center: Personal Statement Workshop
    Tuesday, October 3
    Writing Center, LLA 1103
    Register HERE

    Graduate School Symposium
    Friday, October 6
    Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Theatre
    Register HERE

    Writing Center: Personal Statement Workshop
    Friday, October 6
    Writing Center, LLA 1103
    Register HERE

    Beyond GPA:  Early Preparaton for Graduate School Applications

    Wednesday, October 11
    12pm - 12:50 pm
    LL 430/431
    Register now:
    Early Preparation for Graduate School Seminar Registration - October 11

    Career Services: Graduate and Professional School Fair 
    Thursday, October 12
    Montezuma Hall, Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union

    California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education

    Saturday, November 4

    California State University Channel Islands


    Michelle Lopez, MA
    Assistant Dean
    ivision of Undergraduate Studies
    Associate Vice-President's Office
    for Student Achievement


    Kathy Nguyen
    Lead Graduate Student Mentor
    Division of Undergraduate Studies




    Weber Honors College Students:

    Martha Enciso, EdD.
    Associate Director
    Weber Honors College