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National Scholarships and Fellowships

Purpose and Elements of the Application

Each scholarship program application requires a different set of elements to determine the strength of the candidate in relation to the ideals promoted by the scholarship. The various elements serve to complete the profile of their “picture perfect” scholars. A compelling and effective application uses each piece to enhance or build upon the other and connects the various components to provide a picture of a worthy applicant—one who demonstrates the education, ability, commitment and vision to be named a recipient.

Many scholarships have a common set of elements that include:

Personal Statement or Essay – a presentation of who you are; not a list of accomplishments, rather the story of what has shaped you, who you want to become, and where you want to make an impact.

Project Proposal – a well defined plan of your research or study; what you propose to do, what is its importance, how you will accomplish it, and why you are qualified to do it.

Letters of Recommendation – must be a strong endorsement and should come from recommenders who are able to provide details and concrete examples as to your abilities and achievements.

Once you have done your research and found the scholarship(s) that fits your profile and goal, get organized and get started!


National Scholarships and Fellowships

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