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National Scholarships and Fellowships




1) Review the department web pages of interest and read faculty bios, talk to graduate student assistants OR talk to your peers who may be engaged in a scholarly project on campus

2) Read faculty areas of interest

3) Skim faculty abstracts, publications, books 

4) Make a list of your top 3-5 faculty that matches your interests

5) Update your resume with relevant courses, honors/awards, leadership, service, etc.

6) Contact the professor to see if he/she is currently accepting undergraduate special study interns/research assistants and to schedule a meeting

7) Enroll  in special study in your department if Special Study 299 or or 499 is offered (1-3 units)  

How to contact a professor to inquire about undergraduate research placement or opportunities


Sample email to professor to be posted soon

SDSU/UCSD Partnership Scholars Program 

The SDSU/UCSD Partnership Scholars Program is designed to educate scholars about cancer biology as well as social determinants of cancer prevention and treatment follow up and inspire them to apply their skills toward solving cancer health disparities.

Scholars will participate in a 10-week (June 5-Aug 11) paid summer internship. Other benefits include:

  • Stipend of $6000 to conduct laboratory, behavioral, or public health research with SDSU/UCSD faculty members
  • UCSD workshops covering cancer biology, health disparities, ethics and professional development
  • Presentation of research project at end of summer poster session and at the SDSU Student Research Symposium in 2018
  • Opportunity to participate in year-round activities at SDSU with the IMSD and MARC programs 

Applications are due February 24th. Apply here

Keck Interdisciplinary Summer Research Program 

The program targets students interested in learning how to conduct interdisciplinary research to study the topics of global climate change and emerging infectious disease. Students learn how to tackle this global issue using a three-pronged approach to research: 1) students learn about how to conduct field and lab work in molecular microbiology, 2) students learn how to analyze and model biological and environmental data using math modeling software such as MatLab, 3) students learn how to put all the data together and provide a visual representation of the complex data sets using Global Imaging Software techniques. After completing the program, coordinators help place students in research labs so they can continue their undergraduate research training during the academic year.

The program is intended for entering freshmen, returning sophomores, or entering community college transfer students with little to no research experience, and a career goal to pursue an advanced degree in research. Students from any major with a desire to pursue research as a career (either in a strictly laboratory setting, or in a public health, epidemiological, or medical setting) are eligible. 

Additional information is available here

* The Keck Training Program is not currently being offered. Please check back for updates. 

Student Research Symposium (SRS)

Learn about the various scholarly and creative projects undergraduate students participate in at San Diego State University.

Attend the various oral presentations or poster presentations given by undergraduate and graduate student scholars on campus at the SRS.

SRS is held every year in March.

National Scholarships and Fellowships

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