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Supporting Access to Higher Education for
Immigrant & Undocumented Students

2016 Key Note Speakers


Homero Magaña 
M.S., PPS, M.A. 
Bilingual Counselor 
Keynote Speaker 




Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibáñez 
Associate Professor, 
Sociology Department, CSU San Marcos 
Luncheon Speaker




DAY 1 – Wednesday, April 27, 2016 

5:00 PMRegistration
5:15 PMHor d'oeuvres and Cocktails
5:45 PMWelcome and Buffet Dinner
6:30 PMProgram Speakers
7:00 PMAwards
7:45 PMClosing Remarks
8:00 PMEnd

DAY 2 – Thursday, April 28, 2016 

  Ballroom A Ballroom BLibraryBoardroom
7:30 AM  Coffee and Registration
8:00 AM  Welcome
8:15 AM


Keynote Speaker: Homero Magaña, M.S., PPS, M.A.
From the Rancho to the White House


9:30 AMThe Journey of a Dreamer at SDSU by Education Without Borders (EWB)Understanding the K-16 Student Experience: The Daily Life of Undocumented and Unaccompanied StudentsCounselors as Recruiters of Student Talent Policy & Processes for the Identification, Placement and Reclassification of English Learners
10:45 AMNoVi DREAMers: An Undocumented Student Resource ClubRecruitment and Support of Undocumented StudentsPolicies & Practices as Barriers for Immigrant and Undocumented StudentsUndocuCollege Guide and Equity Tool California, 2016
11:45 AM

Lunch and Keynote Speaker: Dr. Marisol Clark-Ibáñez

Myths and Realities for Undocumented Students in our Education System

1:30 PMSRJC's Dream CenterCalifornia Dream Application ResourcesSupporting the Transitions: Achieving Equity for Immigrant andCreating A College-going Culture to Support First Generation College Students
2:45 PMDeveloping Plans of Action for Counselors to Support Undocumented StudentsFinancial Aid Options for AB540 and DACA-mented Students in California: Lessons From the FieldParent Education in College and Career ReadinessCollege Admissions Officers and Undocumented Students
4:00 PMClosing Remarks and Call to Action
5:00 PM End

9:30 am to 10:30 am

Ballroom ACynthia Torres
Advisor, Education Without Borders (EWB)
San Diego State University

The Journey of a Dreamer at SDSU by Education Without Borders (EWB)

Participants will be introduced to the many services and resources available atSDSU and how to maneuver through the institution in an effort to have asatisfactory educational journey. SDSU students will share their personalexperiences and provide an in-depth understanding for participants. EducationWithout Borders (EWB) at San Diego State University is a student organizationthat aims to highlight the issues affecting, and create a support system for,undocumented and other marginalized students which encourages diversity andthe right to equal access of education. We do so by providing networkingresources such as community service, social events, fundraisers, and otherleadership opportunities.

Ballroom B

Cristina Alfaro, Ph.D.
Chair, Dual Language and English
Learner Department
Director, Project CORESan Diego
State University

Mary Jewell, Ed.D.
COE Department of Dual Language and
English Learner Education (DLE)
San Diego State University

Understanding the K-16 Student Experience: The Daily Life of Undocumented and Unaccompanied Students

Dr. Alfaro and Dr. Jewell will moderate a panel of students who will share theirexperiences as immigrant, undocumented, and unaccompanied students. Thediscussion will focus on the challenges students face every day, what they wishschool counselors and teachers knew about them and suggestions they have forschool counselors and college access partners. Dr. Alfaro, a university professorand Dr. Jewell, a high school teacher will also share their combined experiencesin working with students with this exceptional challenge. Their work and researchis based on a cultural-wealth perspective that views students’ voices andresiliency capital as a source of strength to learn from and build on.


Homero Magaña, M.A./M.S.
Bilingual School Counselor
Moorpark Unified School District

Claudia Mendoza-Student
California Lutheran University

Joseline Pineda-Student
University of California, Riverside

Counselors as Recruiters of Student

TalentParticipants will have an opportunity to discuss the role of school counselors asrecruiters of student talent, share best practices and participate in a Q&A.Students currently enrolled in higher education institutions will be able to answerquestions and share their recommendations for practitioners.


Karen Cadiero-Kaplan, Ph.D.
Professor, Coordinator Single Subject
Program, Department of Dual Language
English Learner Education
San Diego State University

Liliana Silva Diaz, Ph.D.
School Counselor
Sweetwater Union High School

Policy & Processes for the Identification, Placement and Reclassification of English Learners

Participants will learn about current state policy and practices for the identification,placement and reclassification of English Learners in K-12 classroom settings.The presenters will clarify the definitions of Immigrant, Migrant and EnglishLearners and how these definitions are linked to Local Control AccountabilityPlans as well as designated services. The presenters will also share current legalmandates for meeting the needs of English Learners including parent rights andschool responsibilities for programming and placement.

10:45 am to 11:45 am

Ballroom AJuan M. Chavez, M.A.
Enedilia Medina

School Counselor
Norte Vista High School
Alvord Unified School District
NoVi DREAMers: An Undocumented Student Resource Club

Participants will learn how the Norta Vista HS counseling team and a group of students worked together to understand the legislation that affects undocumented students. The workshop will provide an understanding of the work required, value and challenges of establishing DREAM Clubs. Participants will learn about the school counselor role in social justice issues, cultural awareness, how to build community networks, collaborate effectively and the mindset needed to keep up with a resilient group of students that seek to build pathways to higher education for their community. Additionally, the presenters will share strategies to create safe-spaces that foster leadership skills in students. A review of AB540 (2001), Deferred Action for Childhood arrival (2012), California DREAM Act (2012), Undocumented Student Services Initiative (2013), AB2000 (2014), Advanced Parole and DREAM Loan will also be provided.
Ballroom B

Tania Johnson-Rachkoskie
Director, Education and Training
National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

Eric Ruiz
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Coordinator of Multi-Cultural Initiatives,
University of St. Francis

Valeria Garcia
Program Director
Undocumented Student Program,
UCLA Bruin Resource Center

Recruitment and Support of Undocumented Students

Recruitment and support for undocumented students varies widely across the country. Panelists will share information about the colleges and universities that are both interested in and focused on recruiting and supporting undocumented and immigrant students and tips and strategies for finding the colleges that will be the best fit for undocumented and immigrant students. Participants will learn about activities at UCLA and the University of St. Francis regarding their process for recruiting and supporting undocumented and immigrant students.

LibraryCatalina Cifuentes
College and Career Coordinator,
School Counselor/ RIMS AVID
Division of Educational Services,
Riverside County Office of Education

Policies & Practices as Barriers for Immigrant and Undocumented Students

Participants will learn about the systemic barriers California’s Immigrant and Undocumented students can face from the first day they set foot on a campus. Several barriers include access to college preparatory curriculum to discovering that credits from their previous school will not be accepted. Participants will learn about best practices taking place that provide systemic solutions to these barriers and promote equity for all students.

BoardroomNancy Jodaitis
AB 540
Advisor/Dream Act
Coordinator San Francisco State University

UndocuCollege Guide and Equity Tool California, 2016: Working toward Educational Equity and Inclusion of Undocumented Students at Institutions of Higher Education in California

The UndocuCollege Guide and Equity Tool was created to help educators, school counselors, college access partners, and faculty, staff and administrators at institutions of higher education work together across regions and systems to achieve the educational equity and inclusion of undocumented students. Participants will learn about the challenges institutions are currently facing in supporting undocumented students, effective practices that support the access and academic success of students in higher education and develop a plan regarding the implementation of an assessment at their school or college-bound organization. Participants will learn how to assess, analyze, and report the level of support for undocumented students that is currently present at their institutions. This publication is also useful for students and their allies, including school counselors and college access partners, to identify and advocate for effective institutional practices at all California colleges and universities. The guide can also serve as a model for other states that seek to conduct research and/or establish best practices to advocate for the inclusion of undocumented students in higher education.

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm 

Ballroom ARafael Vazquez
EOPS Outreach Specialist
Undocumented Student Union Club Advisor
Coordinator - Dream Center
San Rosa Junior College

SRJC’s Dream Center

Participants will hear about the process to establish a Dream Center. The presenter will share about the services provided at SRJC and best practices that practitioners can employ when collaborating with high schools and other stakeholders. Participants will learn how Mr. Vazquez coordinated the Undocumented Student Conference for high school students, which resulted in the attendance of over 376 students and allies. A review of key laws and definitions, as well as important services that improve the chances students will graduate high school and attend college will be provided.

Ballroom B

Angel Salazar
Financial Aid Analyst
San Diego State University

Rosie Castaneda
Financial Aid Office
Assistant Director
University of California, San Diego

California Dream Application Resources

The workshop will include a comprehensive overview of the Dream Application process including information about the AB540 affidavit, the application process, and typical types of financial aid awards available to AB540 students. Presenters will also share campus based resources available at SDSU and UCSD to assist students in the process of completing the Dream Application. A question and answer component will be included to give participants the opportunity to address questions they might have about the application process.


Shakerra Carter
Associate Dean, Outreach & Pre-Enrollment Services
San Diego Community College District

Nancy Moreno
Manager, Orientation and Follow-Up Services
Palomar College

Supporting the Transitions: Achieving Equity for Immigrant and Undocumented Students in the Community College

Participants will hear from a panel of experts in admissions, financial aid, and other student support services from community colleges that include representation from Mesa, Miramar, Palomar, Southwestern, Miracosta and Grossmont Colleges. The panel will address the process for undocumented students as they transition from high school into a community college. Participants will leave with concrete information and handouts to share with their students. This workshop seeks to equip school counselors with up-to-date information that impact undocumented students. Participants will be able to articulate the enrollment process, identify resources and recall the steps to financial aid for undocumented students.


Lillian Garcia, M.A.
City Heights Educational Collaborative
San Diego State University

Melissa Naranjo, Laura Angel-Zavala, Tawnya Pringle, Patricia Hollman & Terena White
School Counseling Team
Hoover High School
San Diego Unified School District

Creating A College-going Culture to Support First Generation College Students

The workshop will focus on the design and implementation of a 7-12th grade college preparation model that has high expectations for all students, incorporates targeted and school-wide college preparation initiatives, creates a college preparation vertical alignment between high school and middle school counselors, and works to increase the college knowledge of students, parents and teachers. Workshop presenters will demonstrate how to maximize the effectiveness of the model, how to utilize data to create effective and equitable programming and how to collaborate with college access partners to reach all students, specifically undocumented students. Presenters will share a 7-12th grade guidance curriculum focused on increasing the college going culture, creating a TRiO Alliance of access partners to reach out to more students, and providing community wide college going events.

2:45 pm to 3:45 pm

Ballroom ADiana Valdivia M.A.
Undocumented Student Advisor
University of California, Merced

Developing Plans of Action for Counselors to Support Undocumented Students

For undocumented students some laws and policies can limit and/or open various career and educational opportunities. In this session, participants will learn about resources, often unknown and unique, that can help to better support undocumented students. Attendees will also create plans of action to better support undocumented students. Attendees will also learn about the important role of identity development when supporting undocumented students.

Ballroom B

Kristan Venegas, Ph.D
Associate professor of Clinical Education
Rossier School of Education
University of Southern California

Natalie Ruiz
Rossier School of Education
University of Southern California

Financial Aid Options for AB540 and DACA-mented Students in California: Lessons From the Field

Participants will learn about the financial aid eligibility for AB 540 and students with DACA in California. The presenters will also discuss current policies, important related legislation, and how students have organized as groups and individuals to navigate college and financial aid systems. Participants will also develop an understanding of resources available to students as they navigate the college and financial aid process, and learn about the barriers that undocumented students face. The goal is for participants to use the information shared to identify proactive solutions in their own work with students.

LibraryJulie A. Mendoza, Ed.D.
ICC, Project Director
ARCHES, Director of Research and Evaluation
UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

Parent Education in College and Career Readiness

This session will share multiple examples of parent education and training programs led by bilingual school counselors supporting college and career readiness for Latino students. Participants will learn about multiple parent education programs including the work of the College Access Informational Continuum (CAIC). CAIC is developing parent lessons that are taught in Spanish by credentialed bilingual school counselors to meet the linguistic and cultural needs of this underserved population. Results will be shared from multiple schools as well as from an All-Day College and Career Planning Family Academy at UCLA on February 6, 2016.

BoardroomErwin Hesse
Doctoral Student
The Johns Hopkins University School of Education

College Admissions Officers and Undocumented Students: Results from a Baseline Survey

This session will review results from a preliminary needs assessment survey conducted at three public higher education institutions in the state of Maryland. Nineteen staff members at two public universities and community college were surveyed on their knowledge of DACA, Dream Act, and perception of their institutions performance toward undocumented students. Participants will be encouraged to express their experiences, comments and questions at the end of the session for an open dialogue.

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Dr. Diana Camilo
Coordinator of Special Projects
Conference Co-Chair