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San Diego State University


CLASS EL Project: Making a Difference

Want to Make a Difference in:

student and teacher
  • The achievement of Latino students?
  • Overrepresentation of Latinos in Special Education?
  • Underrepresentation of Latinos in honors and high-level classes?
  • School dropout rates?
  • The achievement of English language learners?
  • Students’ development of bi-literacy skills?

If you’re concerned about any of these issues, then consider specializing in Bilingual School Psychology at SDSU through participation in the CLASS EL Project.


CLASS EL = Cultural-Linguistic Advocates for Spanish-Speaking English-Learners

CLASS EL scholars are students who are concurrently working on their Ed.S. degree in SDSU's School Psychology Program.

The CLASS EL Project is a nationally recognized 3-year + Internship program that culminates in:

  • M.A.
  • Internship credential
  • Ed.S.
  • Full professional credential

The program holds state and national accreditation and is recognized for multicultural training.

Bilingual Specialization

You will develop the full range of competencies in school psychology, plus in-depth knowledge, skills, and abilities in:

  • Language Development & Acquisition
  • Bilingual Education Models & Methods
  • Effective Approaches to English Language Development
  • Latino Cultures & Culturally Responsive Education
  • Culturally Responsive Counseling, Consultation, & Advocacy for Latino Students
  • Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Assessment of Bilingual & English-Learning Students
  • Professional Spanish communication

The Bilingual Specialization is an integrated extension of SDSU’s Multicultural School Psychology Program, approved by the National Association of School Psychologists. Specialty seminars and courses are taught bilingually.


Learn how to apply to become a CLASS EL scholar.

Note: Before applying for the bilingual specialization, you must be accepted by the School Psychology Program and SDSU’s Graduate Division


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Voices of the Graduates

Find out what it's like for our graduates — in their own words!

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Adults and kids at play in Mexican schoolyard
View summer immersion photos:


We seek applicants who are ready for our demanding, full-time graduate-professional program:

  • Academic: Bachelor’s degree in psychology, Chicano/a studies, sociology, education, or related fields; Quality of Personal Statement
  • Professional: Experience with children and youth or in the schools, especially with underserved populations; commitment to educational equity.
  • Interpersonal: Active listening skills, positive interactions, appropriate assertiveness, leadership.
  • Cross-Cultural: Depth and breadth of experiences across cultures. For bilingual specialization, depth of experience with Latino cultures & at least conversational fluency in Spanish.

Making a Difference in the Schools

The School Psychology Program offers continuous supervised field experiences in the schools, graded in scope and intensity, culminating in a full-time internship (usually paid by the schools). Throughout the program, bilingual trainees are placed with highly qualified bilingual supervisors in multicultural or Latino-dominant schools. From “Day One,” trainees provide services for Latino students, their teachers and families.

Making a Difference in Mexico

Each summer, bilingual school psychology trainees participate in a month-long immersion and fieldwork in Mexico. The immersion provides (a) intensive instruction in professional Spanish, (b) service learning in the schools, (c) living with a family, and (d) excursions to explore the interface of colonial and indigenous cultures. We intentionally seek experiences in different locations to increase familiarity with the variety of cultures within Mexico.