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San Diego State University


Project Goals / BEKSA


BEKSA Framework and Outcomes for Bilingual School Psychologists

BEKSA (Bilingual Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) refers to the 6 competencies trainees are expected to develop and apply by the end of their experience on Project CLASS EL.

Each semester will focus on one or more of these competencies:

  1. Language structure & first language/second language development
  2. Methodology of bilingual, English language development & content instruction
  3. Culture & cultural diversity
  4. Methodology for primary-language instruction
  5. Knowledge of Latino cultures
  6. Spanish proficiency


Project Goals

  1. To increase the number of new Spanish-speaking school psychologists to better serve SS-EL students and families.
  2. To ensure that school psychology trainees have the bilingual education knowledge, skills, and abilities (BEKSA) that meet high professional standards to better serve SS-ELs.
  3. To increase CLASS-EL trainees’ and pre-service bilingual teachers’ Spanish proficiencies and cultural competencies to better instruct and serve SS-ELs.
  4. To prepare CLASS-EL trainees to function as systems change agents and consultants for teachers and parents of SS-ELs.