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San Diego State University


Project Class EL Seminar

For Pre-service Bilingual and Spanish-Learning School Psychology Trainees: 

Photo: students in seminar classThe basic structure of CLASS EL combines:

  • Weekly fieldwork at our partnership school, Rosa Parks Elementary
  • A month-long summer immersion in Mexico
  • An ongoing academic year of seminar

Trainees may complete anywhere from 1 year to 3 years in the seminar sequence without repeating content. 

Fall semester seminars:

  • Fall semester seminars will focus on bilingual issues

Spring semester seminars:

  • Spring semester seminars will focus on:
    • Culturally-responsive instruction and interventions
    • Latino issues in education
    • Latino psychology


(Bilingual Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities)

Using a pre-service learning community model, seminar sessions will provide BEKSA, the 6 competencies trainees are expected to gain and apply by the end of Project CLASS EL:

  1. Language structure & first language/second language development
  2. Methodology of bilingual, English language development & content instruction
  3. Culture & cultural diversity
  4. Methodology for primary-language instruction
  5. Knowledge of Latino cultures
  6. Spanish proficiency