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San Diego State University


Photo Album: SDSU Scholar Teachers in Oaxaca, Mexico

SDSU teacher scholar with group of school children against a bright orange wall
Photo: poster in Spanish shows healthy foods doing battle with junk food
Photo: Group pose at green pond called Hierba del Agua
Photo: Diana with local children
Photo: Children with SDSU Teacher Scholar explore outdoors
Photo: Group hike to Second Village
Photo: Group enjoying a restaurant meal at outdoor table
Photo: Hiking group passes sign on mountain path reading peligro Zona Resbalosa
Photo: Group pose in front of mountains
Photo: SDSU Teacher Scholar plays with local child under trees at gathering circle
Photo: Local family group in outdoor kitchen
Photo: Local man with fruit tree and hills in background
 Photo: SDSU teacher scholars play outdoors with school kids
Photo: Interacting with local children outdoors at playtime
Photo: mealtime in group dining hall
Photo: SDSU teacher scholars visit with young boys outdoors under trees
Photo: SDSU teacher scholar poses with school girls
Photo: SDSU teacher scholar poses with school girls


SDSU teacher scholar poses with local community bell
Photo: Cartoon corn man on poster encourages
Photo: chili pepper growing on bush
Photo: SDSU teacher scholar chats with local child outdoors
Photo: SDSU teacher scholars pose with local children for a picture
Photo: Local man hauling wood
Photo: waterfall
Photo: Teacher scholars hold hands with children in outdoor circie
Photo: Local green fruit growing on bush
Photo: Teacher scholar outdoors under trees with pole
Photo: Two young women
Photo: View of mountains and trees
Photo: Group hike through dense foliage
Photo: Two local teachers at Teacher Workshop PBIS
Photo: Group poses during hike in the dense forest
Photo: Carol Robinson-Zanartu and friend pose in front of tree
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