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Project Class EL Immersion Trip - Oaxaca, 2013


sdsu class el project oaxaca mexico the school experiences june 2013


Gregorio Chavez Elementary School proved to be a perfect first partner for CLASS EL. Their emphasis on culture and the voice of their youth was entirely consonant with our own.

Warm and inviting, the school soon took to us, and we to them, to became a closely-knit team.


Photo: Kids in classroom

Intervention work in classrooms involved introducing collaborative learning, listening to one another’s ideas and feelings, and making decisions together as a group.

Photo: David interacts with a group of students

Learning math brought success and fun. Jessica and Alex ran a group supporting math skill development.


Photo: Students engage with teacher in a math skills group


Caroline and Vicki worked with the second grade classroom on expressing themselves and responding with respect. Small groups and whole classrooms engaged in the work.


Photo: students and teacher read together

Ready to share their ideas and methods, students participated with excitement.

Photo: students and teacher in classroom activity

Graduate Assistants Evelyn Ontiveros and Amanda Estrada worked tirelessly to support the efforts at Abraham Castellano.

Photo: Evelyn Ontiveros and Amanda Estrada sit on steps and talk

Here, Evelyn and Amanda sit on the steps as they put finishing touches on their school-wide workshop.

Photo: Students engage in floor activity with Amanda

Their needs assessment indicated that the teachers and students would benefit from a community building project that supported their theme of "Respect."


Photo: Alberto Ochoa and students interact

Faculty Supervisor and Project Evaluator Dr. Alberto Ochoa takes a break to enjoy sharing a book with a young student at Castellanos. His expertise helped support the larger emphasis of the school on Critical Pedagogy through lectures, advising, and workshop support.


Photo: Yolanda Barba with students

Project Coordinator Yolanda Barba interacts with one of the small group projects on site, listening intently while students share their ideas.


Photo: SDSU scholars sharing findings with a teacher

Final intervention findings and reports are shared orally with teachers.

Photo: Parent Teacher Workshop

In their final week, SDSU Scholars facilitated parent and teacher workshops.

Photo: SDSU scholar and a parent celebrate at end of program

. . . and celebration follows!

 Photo: The Castellanos Team

The Castellanos Team!


Photo: The Gregorio Chavez team

The Gregorio Chavez team!

Photo: David supports inclusion of one student through playground activities.

David supports inclusion of one student through playground activities.

Photo: 3 little girls dancing in pretty skirts
Photo: SDSU teacher scholar supports an individual during whole class intervention.

SDSU teacher scholar supports an individual during whole class intervention.

Photo: Eager faces and focused young minds light up the room.

Eager faces and focused young minds light up the room.

Photo: Parent and teacher conference

Project Bilingual Coordinator Yolanda Barba is interviewed by a local news reporter.

Photo: Parents and teacher discuss student progress

SDSU scholars meeting with a parent.

Photo: SDSU scholar and teacher in discussion
Photo: Girl and boy in classroom
Photo: parents in workshop group

At Gregorio Chavez School, a room full of parents comes for a follow up workshop to learn more about problem solving with their children and enhanced relationships with the teachers.

Photo: Amy Clary holds up sign

Team members Caroline, Jessica, and Vanessa act out a skit illustrating a problem-solving process while Project Coordinator Amy Clarey holds up a cue card for the audience and Project GA Christine Benton cheers them on.

Photo: Preparing for a skit
Photo: Parents prepare for a skit

Parents then “dig in,” using the cue cards and processes modeled. They develop their own skits to illustrate new ways to handle touchy parent-student situations, and then to communicate their ideas with the teachers.

Photo: SDSU Scholar and students saying goodbye

SDSU Scholar and students saying goodbye.

Photo: Student group hiking on mountainside with sign Peligro Zona Resbalosa
Photo: green fruit growing on tree
Photo: SDSU student chats with a local school girl
See the photo album for more photos.