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San Diego State University


Project Class EL Immersion Trip - Querétaro, 2016


Photo: Queretero city sign
Photo: local shopping street
 Photo: Several Mexicanas depicted in traditional dress in colorful mural
Photo: advanced group with Javier

 Photo: Local church


Photo: Class EL scholars smile for the camera


"In Querétaro, we were in a Catholic school, so there were nuns who were teachers. In these schools, a lot of behavior management has to do with religious principles." ~Briana Wagner


Photo: Briana with kids at Girasol


Photo: Jenna and children at Girasol


Photo: 2016 immersion group shot with kids
Photo: Indigenous ballgame

Photo: Class EL scholars pose with children in classroom


 Photo: CLASS EL participants sit in front of colorful walls



Photo: 2016 immersion group photo
CLASS EL scholars with children in classroom
Photo: Adriana receives hugs from intervention group
Adriana receives a group hug from intervention group children


Teacher Workshop at Colegio El Girasol


Photo: Class EL scholar with whiteboard



Photo: teacher conference attendees


Photo: teacher workshop, participant writing on whiteboard


Photo: group discussion at teacher workshop



 Excursion photos

Photo:Photo:  3rd year students with Joaquin & Carol at Teotihuacan
Third year students with Joaquin & Carol at Teotihuacan
Photo: Group shot at Teotihuacan atop Temple of the Sun
Group shot at Teotihuacan atop Temple of the Sun
Photo: aerial shot of people walking among ruins
Photo: approach to pyramid

 Photo: Group restaurant meal bernal descanso

Group restaurant meal, Bernal Descanso


Photo: Garden and fountain


Photo: Manuel and Carol in Guanajuato

Manuel and Carol in Guanajuato


 Photo: CLASS EL scholars jumping at ancient ruin site


Photo: Group shot in Guanajuato

Group shot in Guanajuato


Photo: Old wooden arched door


Photo:  4 scholars pose in front of building


Photo: Women at market with grilled corn for sale


Photo: colorful Frida Kahlo wall mural


Photo: Diego Rivera museum display



Photo: Old homes on a winding street



Photo: Group shot with  old railroad car


 Photo: candy shop display, candy for sale


 Photo: Posing with tummy ache medicine in front of pyramid


Photo: Relaxing in Guanajuato garden
Photo: ancient symbols carved in stone
Photo: Final dance
Photo: arches in old building
Photo: Teacher workshop participants
Photo: Guanajuato bell tower
Guanajuato bell tower
Photo: Cathedral altar
Photo: CLASS EL scholar and local teacher share a hug
Photo: Statues of Quixote and Sancho Panza
Photo: Group shot on city street
Photo: CLASS EL scholar poses in front of Instituto Intercultural
Photo: church and clouds
Photo: Teacher workshop activity
Photo: CLASS EL scholars pose in classroom
Photo: Architectural building details
Photo: classroom wall display