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San Diego State University


Awards Given CRMSE Members for 2015-16 Academic Year

College of Sciences Awards

College of Sciences Outstanding Teacher Award: Janet Bowers: “She knows her mathematics and I enjoyed how she always interpreted math into real life situations. I like how her purpose was to to have her students learn and understand rather than just memorize.” This description of Dr. Janet Bowers, by one of her students,is what we think is a critical component for a College of Sciences outstanding teaching award! Janet is ALWAYS thinking about how she can improve student learning and engagement in her classes, and she has now taken that challenge with her as the Director of the Math Learning Center. In just two semesters, she has demonstrated that students who make use of the center can increase their grades. And her dreams for the center don’t end there. Working with other colleagues across campus who are focused on student success, sh is embarking on a number of curricular and technical innovations that are consistent with best practices in math teaching that will be informed by research and iterative improvements to make the learning of math more engaging and successful.


Janet Bowers

Outstanding Faculty Member, Mathematics and Statistics Department:  Janet Bowers has done an extraordinary job of mentoring students while maintaining and doing a fantastic jobs as the founding director of the new Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center, which has bee tremendously successful already. Janet set up a system to gather data about the usage of the MSLC that is serving as a basis for research into the success of a variety of interventions. She has been networking with every point of contact imaginable, on campus and off, that has interest in student success in math courses. Janet also redesigned the precalculus program. She created new breakout sessions that use date from experiments to teach students to use mathematical model and think more deeply about formulas and graphs. Janet is the leader of a platoon of inspired undergraduates (many her former students) that teach the breakout sessions for precalculus, and tutor in the MSLC.



Outstanding Faculty Member, CRMSE: Ricardo Nemirovsky has led pioneering research on the embodied nature of cognition and on the creative use of mathematical artifacts which has been influential and resulted in a number of well-cited papers and many funded grants. Has has also established many rich relationships with the community, including with museums in Balboa Park, where he has created science exhibitions. One such exhibition, Taping Shape, is currently open until June 12 at the Fleet.


Ricardo Nemiroksy
Outstanding Staff Member, CRMSE: Karen Foehl Palmer serves as Administrative Coordinator of the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (CRMSE). In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, she also supports all of us, including CRMSE faculty, research associates, and doctoral students. In Randy Philipp’s first year as director, Karen has been instrumental in helping make the transition smooth for CRMSE. Thank you, Karen, for your knowledge, support, and kindness.Karen Foehl Palmer


Provost's Innovation for Excellence Award

 The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Mike O’Sullivan, chair, for a research-based restructuring of its pre-calculus and calculus sequence to ensure the integrity and cohesiveness of the sequence and foster greater student success in STEM disciplines and degree completion. (Along with Mike, Chris Rasmussen, Janet Bowers, and new faculty member Daniel Reinholz have been involved in this restructuring.)

mike_osullivan.png Chris Rasmussen

Janet Bowers