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San Diego State University


Math Technology/CRMSE Innovation Lab

The Center for Research in Mathematics & Science Education (CRMSE) operates the Mathematics Technology/CRMSE Innovation Lab at SDSU in PA 117.  The Innovation Lab is a unique facility where faculty and researchers develop ways of studying mathematics by designing and constructing physical models and devices allowing for the engagement of touch, body motion, kinesthesia, and large-scale activities in the learning of mathematics.  Further details may be obtained by contacting CRMSE Director, Dr. Ricardo Nemirovsky or the Lab Coordinator, Bohdan Rhodehamel, at You can also visit Math Tech/Innovation Lab page at the Tangible Math web site.

In Summer 2012, the Innovation Lab was the setting for Shadows and Body Motion: Using Technology to Teach Ratios and Proportions (see below) a professional development workshop for middle school math teachers. Click the link to see the types of activities teachers developed during this workshop.

To the right are pictures from the grand opening of the Math Technology/Innovation Lab.

Shadows and Body Motion

Grand Opening

  Grand Opening Photo A

Grand Opening Photo B
Grand Opening Photo D
Grand Opening Photo E
Grand Opening Photo F