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San Diego State University


Lisa Clement Lamb


Ph.D., Mathematics Education, San Diego State University/University of California at San Diego
M.A. Mathematics, San Diego State University
B.S., Mathematics, College of William and Mary

Research Interests

I joined the faculty of San Diego State's School of Teacher Education in Fall 1998 as a mathematics educator. Previously I taught high school mathematics at public schools in Virginia and California. My research focuses on students' conceptions of integers and how to support students' development of integers (see I am also working with CRMSE colleagues to support 32 Master Teaching Fellows in mathematics and Science as they hone their teaching practice and emerge into teacher leaders (see Project LEARN). In a recent project, I worked with CRMSE members to investigate teachers’ perspectives at different years of participation in sustained professional development focused on children’s mathematical thinking. We studied teachers’ beliefs, content understanding, and their noticing of classroom interactions (see /STEP/ for more information). Previously I worked with a CRMSE group to understand the effects of a Children’s Mathematical Thinking Experience on PSTs’ beliefs and content knowledge (see /IMAP/main.html for more information).

Curriculum Vitae 

View Lisa Clement Lamb's CV in Google docs.


 Lisa Clement Lamb

  Lisa Clement Lamb

  of Mathematics


School of Teacher Education
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San Diego, CA 92182
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Center for Research in Mathematics & Science Education
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