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San Diego State University


Project LEARN Teachers Present at SDSEA

The science teachers in our Noyce Project Learn group presented at San Diego Science Educatiors Association (SDSEA) on March 1, 2014.  Below are descriptions of the presentations.

How NGSS will transform modeling in your chemistry classroom.
Colleen Robinson, Angie Holbrook, Rachel Stein-Meisner,
Brandon Cohen
You will learn how NGSS modeling is different from traditional practices.  Chemistry teachers from three different schools will demonstrate implementing modeling in their classrooms.   Participants will work collaboratively to develop instructional plans for modeling.

Student-designed experiments in the classroom: Detouring the roadblocks (NGSS Practice 3) 
Rachel Poland, Scott Stambach, Jeff Rapp, and Crystal Howe   
Have you been interested in implementing student-designed experiments, but been held back by the numerous challenges involved? In this session, we will identify the most common pitfalls, challenges, and roadblocks as we help you navigate to successful student-designed experiments.

So You Think You Can Model?: NGSS Practice 2-Moving From Awareness to Implementation
Lenelle Wylie, Dave Tupper, Jeremiah Potter, and Jesse Wade-Robinson
Come learn about the NGSS modeling practice.  Discover the rationale behind the practice and learn how to help your students construct, utilize, revise and evaluate models in ways that can lead to deeper understanding of science concepts. Will include life science examples. Session will provide time to collaborate and develop implementation strategies for this practice.

You think WHAT?! Techniques to get into your students' minds.
Tony Sandoval, Shawna Payton, Kari Koch
, Brenda Mueller
The NGSS requires students to go beyond knowing the "right" answer. We will share teacher-tested techniques to help you understand your students' thinking and reasoning about science. During the interactive session, participants will explore video examples and discuss implications for their own practice.

Pictures from SDSEA


Project LEARN SDSEA Presentation 1

Project LEARN SDSEA Presentation 2

Project LEARN SDSEA Presentation 4