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San Diego State University


STEM Education, Economics, and Equity Seminar Fall 2014

Guest Speaker: Phil Daro, Coauthor, Common Core State Standards; Director, San Francisco SERP Field Site

Click below to download the flyer.

SEEE Fall 2014 Seminar flyer

Click here to watch the video of the Common Core talks.

The video is 2 hours long. Use this guide to navigate the video:

  • Welcome/intro:  0:00:00 - 0:09:30.
  • Phil Daro talk: 0:09:30 - 1:00:00.
  • Panelists: 1:00:00 - 1:37:00.
  • Questions and Answers: 1:37:00-1:59:00 [end of video]

Note that the movie takes several minutes to load. You may want to wait for it to load before you try navigating through the video.

Click below to view or download slides used in the talks. Note that while Phil Daro's slides are available separately, they are also part of the larger Speakers' Slides download further below.

Phil Daro's Slides SEEE Seminar Fall 2014 Daro talk

Speakers' Slides (including Daro's)

SEEE Seminar Fall 2014 Speakers Slides

Fall 2014 SEEE Seminar Photos

Fall 2014 SEEE Seminar 7

Fall 2014 SEEE Seminar 20

Fall 2014 SEEE Seminar 24

Fall 2014 SEEE Seminar 35

Fall 2014 SEEE Seminar 79

Fall 2014 SEEE Seminar 106 

Fall 2014 SEEE Seminar 121