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Welcome to the NASCP

The Native American Scholars and Collaborators Projects support the professional preparation of graduate level students in school counseling and school psychology. Our focus is on helping Native American youth succeed and helping schools understand the strength of Native youth and their cultures and communities.

We are supported by federal projects serving Native American children with high incidence disabilities or at risk of being incorrectly identified with special education needs.

We work in cross-cultural urban field sites and in partnership with rural sites with significant Native American populations. Combined with graduate studies and coursework, we learn and use specialized knowledge to differentiate difference from disablitiy, and to help design and deliver culturally appropriate pedagogical and psychological services.

The Projects support the preparation of fully qualified School Psychologists and School Counselors to serve a diverse range of youth, and to specialize in service with Native American youth.

NSS and NASCP, Preservice Personnel Preparation Grants, are Supported by the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

Overview of Projects

The broad purpose of the Native American Scholars and Collaboration Project (NASCP) is to support the development of Native American Scholars and Collaborators who will serve in schools as school counselors and school psychologists, providing culturally appropriate service to Native American children with disabilities, and those at risk of being misidentified. Native American Seminars, Graduate Coursework, Field Experiences, & Summer Institutes complement and are integrated with the graduate professional preparation programs.

Native American Scholars

Native American Scholars in School Counseling and School Psychology are fully committed to serving Native American children and communities upon graduation. They will be supported throughout their graduate training and Native American specialization with tuition (out of state if applicable for one year), professional development, living and professional development stipends, mentoring, a cohort model, and related placements.

Native American Collaborators

Native American Collaborators in School Counseling and School Psychology will be supported to learn about the issues impacting Native American children, youth and families in schools, and in special and general education. They will attend the seminar, integrate their learning into their graduate courses and placements, participate in some professional development activities, and be integral to the Summer Institutes.

The NASCP Seminar will emphasize the development of competencies in Native American education issues as they intersect and differ across western and traditional knowledge bases, with an emphasis on decolonizing methodologies and their use in schools and communities. The seminar will contribute to the development of productive and culturally appropriate scholarship.

Values and Principles Guiding the Curriculum

  • Mediate problem solving between the Western and Traditional world views.
  • Learn how to be adaptable, be resourceful, and walk flexibly in two worlds.
  • Learn both experientially and theoretically.
  • Learn principles and practices of change/change agents.
  • Develop bicultural wold view from which to assess, interpret and intervene.
  • Learn and practice systemetic perspectives in the delivery of equity, diversity and cultural democracy.
  • Learn system of Native-creativity inquiry as a method of self sufficient thinking and survival.
  • Re-emerge from decolonization which will lead to empowerment.

Contact Information

Carol Robinson-Zañartu, Director, Native American Scholars & Collaborators Projects
Department of Counseling and School Psychology
San Diego State University
San Diego, CA 92182-1179
Phone: 619-594-7725

Native American Grant Students

How to Apply

Application to the Native American Scholars and Collaborators Project for SCHOLAR applicants requires the submission of the application form, resume or vita, a personal statement regarding your potential as a Native Scholar, and an assurance statement regarding your relationship and commitments to Native American communities.


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Nationally accredited graduate programs

  • Weekly Native American Seminar
  • Institutes on Traditional knowledge
  • Summer Immersion
  • Native Mentors and models
  • Work with Native youth
  • Cohort model
  • Financial Support
  • School partner sites
  • Mentored national professional presentations


NASCP Mentors

Larry Emerson, Ph.D. Project Mentor- Diné
Marilyn Robinson, MS Seminar instructor - Cayuga
Carol Robinson-Zañartu, Ph.D Project Director