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San Diego State University

SDSU Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education (formerly Policy Studies in Language & Cross-Cultural Education)

Programs of Study - Academic Goals 

In assessing its goals over the past twenty-five years, the department has addressed the preparation of Bilingual Single and Multiple Subjects teachers seeking a credential and/or a graduate degree in the Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education. In the next five years the department seeks to prepare teachers and educational leaders to provide relevant and effective instruction in K-12 settings for children who will enter a high-tech and ethno-linguistically diverse world. Furthermore, the department seeks to continue to be a leading producer of bilingual teachers in both the state and the nation. The academic goals of the department in the next five years are to:

  1. Provide the bilingual cross-cultural language and academic development credentials (MS & SS).
  2. Provide the cross-cultural language and academic certificate (with the Linguistics Department) to credentialed teachers.
  3. Provide a master's degree program with an emphasis in critical pedagogy and multicultural/cross-cultural and language education.
  4. Provide doctoral courses and guidance to doctoral candidates in the joint doctoral programs in the Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education in language, culture and action research.
  5. Provide support services to students, faculty, school districts, colleges, and universities in program planning, implementation, and evaluation in the area of multicultural policy studies in language and culture.
  6. Provide community leadership in addressing educational policy that empowers the academic achievement of linguistically and ethnically diverse students in California through faculty action research with school communities, policy advocacy, and in the preparation of educational leaders.
  7. Provide support to the College of Education in the development and mentoring of ethnically diverse faculty. 

Department goals reinforce those of the COE and University. The department goals match the SDSU goals articulated through the Shared Vision process undertaken by President Weber that generated the following five academic goals:

  1. Extend and enhance San Diego State's deep and abiding commitment to academic excellence expressed through superior teaching, research, creative activity, and public service.
  2. Nurture a learning-centered university that supports the growth and development of the whole person.
  3. Create a community proud of its diversity and committed to furthering social justice on and off campus.
  4. Promote the growth, development, and wise use of our precious human and fiscal resources.
  5. Create a genuinely global university.

In seeking to actualize these five goals the department will seek to maintain and hire university faculty who demonstrate the following attributes: 

  • Faculty who are teacher/scholars -- valuing both quality teaching and quality scholarship; 
  • Faculty who are diverse--promoting academic discourse that is enriched and informed by a true diversity of ideas; 
  • Faculty who provide international perspectives--who have had international experience and can bring international perspectives to their work;
  • Faculty with community-based interests--who are involved in addressing the needs of the region through teaching, research, and service, 
  • Faculty who provide interdisciplinary perspective--who possess disciplinary expertise in addressing major issues confronting society, e.g. racism and economic inequality.

The department also seeks to actualize and support the College of Education through its strategic planning initiatives over the past ten years. The department is committed to:

  1. Serve the needs of diverse learners.
  2. Strengthen partnerships and other ties to the community.
  3. Focus on inquiry and action research.
  4. Provide faculty with professional development opportunities to become competent in as well as critical creators and evaluators of educational applications of technology. 

To address the demographic growth of ethno-linguistic students in the service area (projected to increase from 1.4 to 2.5 million); the need for Bilingual Credential teachers, and the demand to address the academic gap between ethnically diverse low income students and non-low income students the Department programs seek to maintain and expand its curriculum offerings in its:

  1. Multiple Subjects and Single Subject Bilingual Credential programs; 
  2. MA degree options in critical pedagogy and curriculum development; 
  3. Involvement with undergraduate programs to prepare prospective teachers to work in ethnically diverse school communities; 
  4. To maintain its involvement with the Claremont Graduate University/SDSU doctoral program in the preparation of leadership for school transformation; and 
  5. Continue to seek grants and contracts that support the goals of the department.

To strengthen its bilingual-multicultural teacher education programs (Bilingual Credential emphasis), the department seeks to actualize a research agenda based on democratic schooling and the role of biliteracy in the curricula (language, cultural and academic content literacy) of the schools. In terms of service to the community, the department seeks to continue to work in actualizing the goals of the department, college and university to provide disciplinary expertise in addressing major issues confronting society such as racism, economic inequality, dehumanization of children, and global relations of exploitation.

  • Classroom with children raising hands
    The Bilingual Credentials are available to students interested in teaching in a bilingual elementary or secondary school classroom.
  • Teacher working with students
    These certificate programs provide K-12 teachers and other education professionals with specialized training in order to increase skill sets.
  • teacher
    This MA Program provides teachers and other education professionals with skills in critiquing current school programs from a social equity and social justice perspective.
  • Student working on laptop
    Learn more about the joint Ph.D Program in Education offered by San Diego State University and Claremont Graduate University.
  • STE Master's Programs
    The School of Teacher Education offers various MAT degrees including Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and an MA in Reading. A completely online MAT is also available.
  • teachers
    Non-bilingual California Preliminary Teacher Credential Programs are available to students interested in teaching in an elementary or secondary school classroom.