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SDSU Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education (formerly Policy Studies in Language & Cross-Cultural Education)

Implementing CA Education for a Global Economy Initiative (Proposition 58)

 Prop 58 Has Passed!

The Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education is committed to supporting the implementation of Proposition 58 that affords pathways for California school districts and schools to design and implement multilingual/biliteracy programs. While the California State Board of Education is currently working to approve guidelines and regulations we have created this resource page for those interested in learning more about Proposition 58 and the information to keep in mind for those wanting to create quality multilingual/biliteracy programs. Such programs require careful planning, resources, and at least one year of preparation. DLE will update this page as new information and resources become available.

California Department of Education:  In November 2016, California voters approved Proposition 58, also known as the California Education for a Global Economy Initiative (CA Ed.G.E. Initiative). The purpose of the CA Ed.G.E. Initiative is to ensure that all children in California public schools receive the highest quality education, master the English language, and access high-quality, innovative, and research-based language programs that prepare them to fully participate in a global economy.  For More Information on Guidelines and Implementation go to:

California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE):  Top 17 Recommendations; Top 17 Recommendations (in Spanish)

California School Board Association (CSBA): English Learners in Focus, Issue 4 - Expanding Bilingual Education in California after Proposition 58 (3/17)


Interview "In Spanish" with Dra. Alfaro on Prop 58: Profesora ayuda incorporar la Proposición 58

Professor Cristina Alfaro on NBC Politically Speaking: Prop 58 and Finding Qualified Bilingual Teachers

Proposition 58 Passed, Now What? KPBS Interview with Dr. Alfaro

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The Promises of Prop 58: Building a Dual Language Movement

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