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San Diego State University

COE Creative Media Lounge

General User Guidelines & Policies

The following are some guidelines and policies that will help you get acquainted with the rules of the lab as well as help you work efficiently here.

Lab Staff

The lab staff is available to assist you with the software and hardware in the lab and surrounding classrooms.

If you need assistance, please ask one of the lab staff on duty. Occasionally, you'll find a lab staff working on their school work in the lab

The lab staff  provides support and guidance. Typical lab staff  duties include: 

  • Orienting students to the lab
  • Solving printing problems
  • Resolving software incompatibility problems
  • Providing manuals and job aids
  • Checking out equipment 

Unfortunately, resource constraints prohibit the lab staff  from: 

  • Scripting or program authoring (e.g. flash, php, javascript, etc.) applications or HTML files
  • Completing any portion of an assigned student project
  • Allowing removal of manuals or other resources from the lab
  • Making reservations over the phone. Please contact Elsa Tapia to reserve lab.
  • Providing technical support over the phone for your personal computer