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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

Liberal Studies
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About the Option

On this page: Learn about options within the Liberal Studies undergraduate degree that meet your future teaching goals. 

What is an Option?

Options are an integral part of your focus area, and they can help guide your career.   Option courses are 6 to 7 units that you can choose to take based on your interests and professional goals. Option courses will help you meet prerequisites to a credential program or to the TESL certificate.

Is Option Coursework "Optional"...?

Note that whatever your focus area, choosing an option within your focus is required, not "optional." However, if you are pursuing the Education Generalist emphasis, you do not need to complete the Option requirement.

Choose an Option

Bilingual Education

This option includes prerequisite course work for the Bilingual Education credential program at SDSU.


Students who want to be able to teach math or science in elementary and middle school choose an option of additional courses that leads to middle school authorization (ISMA). Note that the ISMA is embedded in the literacy focus.


Students interested in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), perhaps overseas, can pursue the Linguistics option that leads to a TESL certificate.

Performing Arts

Students who plan to pursue a credential program somewhere other than at SDSU, or who are interested in the subject, may pursue a performing arts option.

Special Education 

This option includes prerequisite coursework for the Special Education credential program at SDSU.

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Enrollment Restrictions

Upper-division courses are not open to Liberal Studies pre-majors. Footnotes in the Class Schedule contain information on enrollment restrictions for courses. Please read them carefully when searching for classes.

School of Teacher Education

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