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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

Liberal Studies
SDSU Liberal Studies

Career and Academic Pathways

Liberal Studies is one of the largest majors at SDSU and provides a rich academic foundation for meeting a wide range of future goals, both within the field of education and beyond. Core coursework spans communications and critical thinking, American institutions, math and science, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, education fieldwork, and more.

After completing pre-major requirements, students at the upper-division level choose to focus in either literacy, mathematics, or science with optional additional courses in a range of topics including performing arts, linguistics, special and bilingual education. Learn more about this exciting academic discipline, and explore the many pathways open to you as a Liberal Studies major!

The Liberal Studies Major

Learn about upper- and lower-division coursework and catalog requirements, how to move from pre-major to major, how to apply for graduation, and next steps.

How to Become a Teacher

Numerous pathways are open to you as you consider the possibilities available in the teaching profession. Liberal Studies offers programs for elementary education, with options in areas like special and bilingual education, and the choice to focus in literacy, mathematics, or science. Find details about the elementary education emphasis, generalist emphasis, middle school math or science emphasis, and the new 4-year ITEP emphasis. Also, explore ways to increase your "hirability" — and learn how to enter a credential program after graduation.

Alternatives to Teaching: Other Career Pathways 

Interested in completing a Liberal Studies degree but don't aim to teach elementary or middle school? Or perhaps you do plan to teach for a time, but then to expand your career goals in another direction. A Liberal Studies undergraduate degree can set you on a path toward a variety of professions within the field of education, such as school administrator, reading specialist, high school teacher or instructional designer. Many other career options are available as well, particularly if you choose to pursue graduate studies after earning your undergraduate degree.

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Q: Why choose the Liberal Studies major?

A: You will succeed. Our program has one of the highest graduation rates at SDSU!

The SDSU Liberal Studies degree is a sound investment of time and money, and an investment in your future. Here's how to apply.

School of Teacher Education

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