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School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

Liberal Studies
SDSU Liberal Studies

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Which courses do I need to take?

A: Review the Liberal Studies Advising sheetsgraduation requirements / DAR, and the catalog. If you have questions, contact Michelle Xiong, the Liberal Studies advisor. (Please be sure that your questions are focused and specific.) Find more information about LS coursework

Q: Can I substitute courses?

A: Course substitutions are only allowed in special situations such as when a student's graduation is at risk, when courses are not available, etc. Course substitution as a common practice is not ideal. Substitutions are not recommended and are only approved by advisor Michelle Xiong and Dr. Loh-Hagan.  Find more information about LS coursework

Q: Can my parents call on my behalf?

A: For all matters related to your progress in the LS program, you should advocate for yourself.  Feel free to lean on your family and friends for support, but they should not contact the LS office on your behalf. Due to FERPA, we cannot share any information with them in any case. Remember, college is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn and grow as an adult. 

Q: Traveling abroad would be unsafe for me. Whom do I contact about seeking an alternative experience?

A: The LS program requires all students to complete an International Experience. There are no exceptions to this requirement. That stated, we do make accommodations for students who have verifiable and documented proof that traveling abroad will cause harm; examples are DACA and medical conditions. In such cases, the risks of traveling abroad are greater than the benefits. These students will complete alternative experiences in our local communities. Examples that do not meet the eligibility conditions are childcare, financial duress, fear of traveling, etc. If you feel that you meet the eligibility conditions for the alternative experience, contact Dr. Loh-Hagan. Learn more about the International Experience requirement.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for fieldwork?

A: School sites require you to maintain the public safety and health standards when you visit their premises. Learn about getting a TB test and Certificate of Clearance before you may participate in fieldwork. Learn more about fieldwork.

Q: How do I make an appointment with my Advisor?

A: The advisor for LS students is Michelle Xiong. Contact her via email at, or visit our advising page to learn about walk-in visits and appointments. 

Q: Can I add a minor?

A: Please consult Michelle Xiong to discuss your academic progress and options. The LS program is an intense major with many required courses. Students need to think carefully about adding more to their already full plates. 

Q: Are there opportunities for me to develop my leadership skills?

A: As a Liberal Studies major, you have many opportunities to develop your leadership skills by joining groups and committees.

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School of Teacher Education

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